Liberty League Reps: Learn How Marketing Refines The Proven System

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Providing Business Intelligence For Liberty League Independent Distributors And Other Successful Network Marketing Programs. Profiteks looks to consolidate the "Proven System" by providing marketing management solutions that allow Independent distributors to focus on the main aspects of their business whether it be "Direct Selling" or "Recruiting."

With the systems and formulas we have developed at Profiteks in place, we consider it a failure if we don't get at least a 10 percent conversion

Billions of dollars are being spent by thousands of companies who have learned that keyword search or "cost-per-click" is among the most cost effective and beneficial advertising mediums available.

While Google and Yahoo are experiencing record high revenues, and while Google has emerged as the most sought after stock. It is without certainty that Google advertisers are effectively maximizing their Google marketing campaigns.

Understanding that Google and Yahoo are in business to make money and share-holders happy, it only makes sense that a majority of DIY who administer their own Google Campaigns are the revenue drivers for these companies.

"There is a painful lesson in search term advertising. If not done right you can be out of business faster than you can get in business," says Gabriel.

Gabriel, CEO and President of Profiteks states "I have worked with many clients in particular to the Network Marketing Industry. In doing so I learned that most of my clients if not all have two primary objectives. Lead Generation and Cost Effectiveness. Our most recent client came to us with a shocking revelation. $8,000 in ad spends and only 175 leads’ for the month of August. Over the last 5 months we have been able to triple the lead flow and cut down marketing expense about 75%."

When done properly, search marketing gives advertisers a precise and up-to-the-minute picture of how their advertising is performing: how much it is costing, and how many leads and sales they are getting from every dollar they dedicate to this form of advertising.

Distributors from Liberty League International, Emerald Passport, Coastal Vacations, and Wealth Masters International come to Profiteks to take advantage of Profiteks services that include. Web Development, Marketing Management, and Sales Training.

Unfortunately, with an industry conversion of clicks to sales or leads that is averaging below 4 percent, it is obvious that most companies and or distributors are doing it wrong -- and are not even scratching the potential this marketing platform can deliver.

In an industry like Network Marketing where training is passed down from a sponsor or up line, it is absolutely critical that these organizations are able to teach their distributors the profit potential of Google Adwords. However, the education comes with a tremendous learning curve, with that said. Most companies form partnerships with lead vendors. This is to simplify and fortify the "Simple, Proven System" lure of the industry. But it is among the main reasons for attrition in this industry as distributors are not empowered or educated on the tools necessary to help grow their business effectively.

"With the systems and formulas we have developed at Profiteks in place, we consider it a failure if we don't get at least a 10 percent conversion," says Gabriel, whose company offers LeadProfit(TM), a comprehensive search marketing software solution.

Many Network Marketers lack the expertise or systems to capitalize on the enormous, yet targeted scope of search behavior on the Internet. Simply identifying keywords with heavy search traffic and driving traffic to a web site is bound to produce mediocre or disappointing results in terms of converting site traffic into verifiable -- and "contactable" -- sales leads.

A deep understanding of the psychological behaviors associated with a "High Quality Prospect" has uncovered a reliable formula for converting clicks to leads and sales.

According to Profiteks research and its experience on hundreds of search marketing campaigns, conversions at 10 percent, or even higher, are routinely achievable when companies put in place programs built on:

  • identifying the behaviors and search patterns of individuals searching the Internet
  • optimization models for keyword selection, cost-per-click bidding and search ad placement
  • delivery of searchers to a web presentation that, in seconds, answers their needs and leads them to take action
  • tracking systems to monitor the conversion behavior of the searching audience.

Adds Gabriel, "The beauty of these methodologies is not only that they work, but also that they support continuous improvement and enable rapid adjustment to respond to changes in the marketplace."

About Profiteks Solutions

Profiteks Solutions develops and implements solutions that improve the effectiveness of search advertising, lead and Prospect acquisition, E-commerce, and Internet marketing. Profiteks Solutions specializes in high-ticket item mlm's. LeadProfit(TM), a powerful search advertising marketing solution. LeadProfit(TM) is currently being used by independent distributors of Liberty League International, Emerald Passport, Coastal Vacations and Wealth Masters International.

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