The Death of the Information Products Business

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The Information Products Business has grown by phenomenal leaps and bounds since the internet has caught on to entrepreneurial ventures. What are information products? They are products... workbooks, newsletters, audio CD's, video clips, seminars conventions, and has evolved into phone-conferences, I Pod and so on. They are simply, what you know, or can compile, and sell it to hungry, Voracious entrepreneurs that want to have your business, lifestyle, or whatever... faster than what it would take them to do it through years of conventional trial and error business start up.

There is a new wind blowing on the horizon and Dan Kennedy, as always, gives his prediction so poignantly in “The Death of the Information Marketing Business’ part one, that I felt so compelled to address it.

What kind of business qualifies for the info marketing Business?

Any hobby, profession, trade or undying passion. The info marketing business has allowed doctors to quit their full time practice, or expand it; lawyers, plumbers, pest control, service people, and any other business that a human being would want to do.

Ever hear of the ‘lazy mans way to riches’?

Well this has been it, but the ones that have done it, are NOT LAZY.

Dan S. Kennedy is a well-known copywriter, marketing expert… to the experts, and has literally taken Info Marketing to the masses.

Many of the movers and shakers of the business and professional practice world know Dan’s expertise globally. Dan Kennedy wrote the Death of the Information Products Business, report and special permission given to to print this prediction, before it is too late.

For many of us that have taken this way of marketing as a way of business life his forecast could be a business, lifesaver.

Dan's newsletter is a Bible as it were to many, who are very serious about their business, future, and financial well-being.

Sharing information for money…

Seminars, music, videos, cassette programs, Cd programs, infomercials, speeches and the list grows is... information marketing.

Like taking petroleum out of our transportation, and replacing it … overnight, is what this outcome could be to the information marketers.

The film and music industry have already taken a huge hit as Mr. Kennedy's prediction unfolds.

A heads up…

Dan Kennedy states so matter of factly, “It is my belief the Info-products business is already a Dead Man Walking”.

To those of us that have spent countless hours, money and years developing this marketing strategy, this statement will send a cold chill up our spine if we know the source… Dan Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy's predictions have an uncanny knack for becoming true.

Is there a solution to our quandary?

Dan states…

“Of course. Evolution never stops. In this field or elsewhere. And I have tried, and pretty much succeeded, at staying ahead of it rather than being suddenly surprised by it throughout my entire business life. It's already been a few years that I've been guiding my businesses and clients (who'd listen) in new and different directions, in part to reduce dependency on products and product sales. You must change your entire approach to this business, and fast.”

"If observant, you'll see such change occurring in almost every info-business where I am working closely, personally with the owner/entrepreneur."

That’s right Dan Kennedy began adjusting his sails to the winds of change some time ago.

The winds of change…

Is business perceptive enough to feel the subtle shift?


Dan… “Combined with another strategy, so in the rest of this Report, I'm going to focus on the other three strategies.”

The entire part 1 of 'The Death of the Info Products Business" may be read at the web site listed below in RED entitled The Death of the Info Products Business" link, left side of page.


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