£125,000,000 Jackpot Rouses Giant Global Interest

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EuroMillions Lottery jackpot reaches £125,000,000 (US$225,000,000) after 11 rollovers without being won. EuroMillions can be played by anyone outside Europe through the uniquely advantageous e-Lottery syndicate system.

Europe’s EuroMillions Lottery has ‘rolled over’ 11 times with no winner and so has amassed a giant jackpot equivalent to US$225,000,000 for the coming draw this Friday evening (GMT) 3rd February 2006.

Not available to be played from outside Europe players around the world are taking advantage of e-Lottery’s syndicate system to play the EuroMillions through which they can win a share of this world record jackpot.

e-Lottery gives them a far better chance of a substantial cash win than playing on their own, if they were able to, because the mathematical set up of the syndicates means players slash the odds from an overpowering 76 million to one to a far more acceptable 2.1 million to one.

Syndicate members will win well over £3,000,000 ($5,400,000) each should their syndicate win the current jackpot and this is certainly an amount worth having.

Euro Millions is a weekly lottery which pools the stakes of nine European countries, namely: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By pooling stakes in this way, the prizes offered by Euro Millions dwarf many national lotteries most weeks and are full payout, meaning the whole amount of any win is paid out.

The UK's top EuroMillions jackpot winner is Marion Richardson, from Gateshead, who won £16,000,000 ($28,800,000) on 9 April 2004, two months after the game was launched.

The biggest EuroMillions winner so far was Ireland's Dolores McNamara in the EuroMillions draw of July 2005 with a win of £79,000,000 ($142,200,000).

UK-managed e-Lottery will be four years old this April and has paid out millions in lottery prizes and commissions to its members so far on both the EuroMillions and UK national lotteries.

Commissions are earned through referral (multi-level) marketing, used by e-Lottery to expand their unique business of offering major advantages and benefits to players and affiliates worldwide. As part of the commission programme players become affiliates and have their playing stake paid each week out of their commission for introducing just five people to e-Lottery, so then they are in effect playing free. Introducing more than five people produces income and e-Lottery’s highest earning affiliates now receive around £10,000.00 ($18,000.00) every four weeks.

Each time the increasingly massive EuroMillions payout looms the company's servers come under welcome global demand to play through e-Lottery's extremely professional set up.

e-Lottery’s players and affiliates total of more than 60,000 is growing with unstoppable momentum from demand throughout 133 countries, due in no small part to the continued EuroMillions rollovers.

Jess Miller, who runs the Going For Gold Group of players within e-Lottery says, ‘Every time EuroMillions rolls over we are receiving huge interest from around the world, but there’s simply no telling when it will be won. Even when it isn't rolling over the jackpots are really big. It’s great for people around the globe to be able to have a chance of sharing in the current colossal jackpot.’

To take advantage of e-Lottery and have a crack at the monster jackpot go to: http://www.beam.to/bsmart and make sure you are entered before 6.00pm GMT on Friday 3rd February.

Of course this giant Lottery could just possibly rollover once more, making it an even more attractive proposition.


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