Vanity Plate Deadline Looms

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The deadline for getting it in the new “What Does That Mean?” book is February 28, 2006. Vanity plate owners must go to to enter their stories.

Vanity Plate owners with prized Vanity Plates had better hurry up. The new “What Does That Mean?” book is February 28, 2006. They can go to to enter their stories.

The new book, the second in a series by author Dennis Cowhey, will tell the personal stories behind over 1,200 vanity and personalized license plates. The stories are reported directly from their owners. The new book will hit the shelves this summer.

Cowhey’s first book by the same title is available at, or if you want an autographed copy you can get it at No more mystery about “What Does That Mean?” It is finally spelled out in black and white.

During a recent interview, Dennis R Cowhey, author of the book had this to say. “ILGETU could have different meanings until you realize that it is on a hearse. Then you know the whole story. Many license plates are like that. You have to have a “frame of reference” in order for them to be meaningful. Like VETVET, is a license plate owned by a ViET Nam VETeran owner of a CorVETte. He is from Hawaii so he had to be terse. Hawaii only allows six characters on their plates. MY4NCAR is fairly easy to figure out. It is on a Honda Accord. IRNPMPR (Iron Pumper - weightlifter), takes a little more work to figure out.”

Even more difficult is ADIDAS. The owner reports: “After receiving the plate I was informed of the song by Korn that was named A.D.I.D.A.S. In the song it meant all day I dream about sex. I have had a lot of people ask me for the tag. I get a lot of horns honking when I am driving out of town. I am truly surprised that the state of South Carolina let me have the tag.” There are many surprises in the book. Many of the plates are quite entertaining.

Across the country, DMV's are swarmed with requests for vanity or personalized license plates. These plates contain names, initials, low numbers and clever sayings. There are now estimated to be over 10 million registered vanity plates on America's roads.

Cowhey said that these plates are so popular that you can now sell your registered vanity plate online. Go to This site allows its customers to buy and sell (for transfer to their vehicle) their Registered Vanity Plates online. There are no fees to list your plate.

Cowhey, who is the self-appointed “World’s Greatest Expert in Vanity Plate Meanings” has an interesting tongue-in-cheek writing style. The first book is still an active title on and it looks like the new book will be even more popular, thanks to the Internet.

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