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As the Internet has reduced the barriers to starting a business to almost ridiculous levels, thousands are now venturing out onto the ‘business highway’ and Gary’s book "The Web Driven Entrepreneur" is an obvious aide to these people.

It seems that every now and then a book comes along that changes the way we look at things. The Web Driven Entrepreneur - Get connected, plug in and find out about the art of business online - by Gary Reid ( seems to do just that. It’s a refreshing change to the usual stuff; due to the fact Gary has actually walked the talk. A three-time Internet entrepreneur Gary has been venturing online since 1999 and by the looks of it he’s picked up a few useful things along the way.

It’s a simple book about succeeding on the web but it contains some concepts that help to clarify just why some web ventures are successful and others just don’t make it. Gary explains ‘The deep philosophical question of ‘why did the chicken cross the road’ never troubled me as much as how many actually made it to the other side without getting run over. In the business world it seems there is a lot of focus on getting people to try and start, yet not so much emphasis on why 75% of those new starts don’t make it. They get run over before they get to the other side.’

From likening the Internet to communism, as it makes the means of production communally owned, to getting right down to the facts about how it is the art of doing business that makes the difference and not the craft, the book takes us through a journey of entrepreneurial discovery. ‘We all know what the craft of business is, its marketing, finance, operations, it’s the functional activities of running a business. However, knowing the craft doesn’t guarantee success, just ask any of the Fortune 500 companies who launched a product last year, because 75% of them failed and these guys know the craft of business. The success lies in the art; it’s about combining the elements of the venture in a way that brings success’ added Gary.

In the book Gary highlights the three arts of business that people need to get to grips with, opportunities, social marketing and venture planning. Stepping through each, with examples from his own ventures, Gary lays down a simple way of shortening the odds. Making it just that bit more likely that our online venture will succeed.

The book takes a surprisingly conceptual look at viral marketing and categorizes what Gary calls social assets into natural, artificial and custom made. Making no claims to be anything new, in fact referring to Jesus as an example of the theory, Gary has managed to pull today’s hype about viral marketing into something that is not only understandable but also usable.

The section on venture planning will come across as a breath of fresh air to any solo entrepreneur who has been confronted with the task of writing a business plan. Telling us to ‘grab a sheet of paper and start scribbling’ Gary puts across a strong argument for his version of venture planning. ‘We all know what the business plan is, it’s the thing we struggled for 3 months to write and the vast majority of the information is made up, but as long as everyone pretends its okay then its acceptable. The venture plan on the other hand, should only take a few hours to complete and it only contains the stuff we need, unlike the business plan, the venture plan is a blueprint for the business’.

As the Internet has reduced the barriers to starting a business to almost ridiculous levels, thousands are now venturing out onto the ‘business highway’ and Gary’s book is an obvious aide to these people, helping them avoid the juggernaut of failure.

Gary has added a free downloadable PDF of the book to his website and the paperback version will be available shortly. In the meantime, get connected, plug in and download a copy. If you haven’t started your online venture yet it’s a must read book, if you have already started and want to find out how to get things moving then The Web Driven Entrepreneur is packed full of the secrets to online success.

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Gary Reid has more than 20 years business experience, with a degree in marketing and a career history that includes time as a management consultant, advertising strategist and sometime advisor to a rock band. Gary has started three successful web ventures since 1999 and currently operates The Venture Kit ( More information about Gary can be found at

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