NoteNiks Offers New Educational Games to Address the Pediatric Obesity Epidemic

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The NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-Rom offers eight educational games that teach young children the importance of eating eight and staying fit.

More than 9 million children and teens are overweight (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey); childhood obesity is responsible for 50 % of new cases of pediatric diabetes, sleep apnea, and asthma (US Government Report); and 300,000 deaths are associated each year with obesity (U.S. Surgeon General’s Office).

“As an eating disorders professional, I have watched with dismay as junk food takes over the American diet and even invades our schools, threatening the health of our children,” said Linda Riebel, PhD., nutritionist and author of Eating to Save the Earth: Food Choices for a Healing Planet.

While professionals in the fields of pediatrics, education, and nutrition are alarmed at the increasing rates of pediatric obesity, few educational resources are aimed at young children -- and even fewer look at preventative measures -- until now.

Sound Advice, makers of the NoteNiks product line, today announced the release of the NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD. The CD-Rom is the first piece of educational software that teaches children ages 3 – 8 the importance of selecting healthy foods and keeping active.

“We saw a huge need,” says Mindy Myers, CEO and founder of Sound Advice, Inc. “Educators are realizing that we have to reach to kids early on, to counteract the barrage of fast food commercials, sugary cereals and television marathons. The Healthy Eating & Exercise CD Rom says that it’s fun to eat right and that it is fun to get out and play: to run, swim and dance.”

The CD offers eight different games, all featuring the colorful NoteNiks cartoon characters. Children learn to distinguish fruits and vegetables from junk foods, identify items needed for activities such as riding bikes, swimming, planting a garden, and more. At the end of each game, players are rewarded with a win screen and fun facts about healthy eating and staying active.

“The NoteNiks Healthy Eating CD is the most encouraging, creative, and positive nutrition educational tool I have seen. Every parent should be delighted with this fun-filled CD that sets children on the right track for a healthy life,” urged Dr. Riebel.

In addition to the CD, Sound Advice, Inc. offers NoteNiks Healthy Eating & Exercise Comics for parents to place in lunchboxes, and Roxy’s Eat Right Game, a board game that teaches kids to differentiate healthy foods from junk foods.

The Healthy Eating & Exercise CD is on shelves just in time for National Nutrition Month in March. For more information or to place an order, please visit, or call 510/547-0125.

About Sound Advice

Sound Advice, Inc., based in Oakland, Calif., develops educational support products, which enable parents, educators, librarians, dentists, doctors and others to connect with the children in their lives. Research shows that when a child feels commended, guided or appreciated they behave better, make better life decisions, and are more open to learning. Sound Advice’s products include Healthy Eating & Exercise NoteNiks, Medi-NoteNiks, Lunchbox NoteNiks, Motivational NoteNiks, Dental NoteNiks and NoteNiks Posters. More information is available at or by calling 510-547-0125.

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