US Senate Candidate Sheeler (D-RI) Says 'Impeach Bush!'

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Carl Sheeler, 45, a Democrat, business owner and Marine Veteran, is seeking Lincoln Chafee's seat as well as seeking to unseat "King George" for alleged violations of the US Constitution. Sheeler alleges that, among other things, he has lied to the public and damaged foreign relations and our Democracy.

James Madison wrote in support of our Constitution a common sense concern that holds true now more than ever. He stated,

Democrat U.S. Senate candidate, Carl Sheeler, 45, an outspoken, 70’s style Democrat, called on Rhode Island Congressional leaders to join US Representative Conyers (D-MI) in his call for impeachment hearings of President George W. Bush. Sheeler has stated Bush’s infractions are far more egregious than former President Clinton’s and opens the way for China to replace our global lead.

Sheeler issued the following statement:

“It’s time we as ordinary citizens stop talking and start acting to bring the change we want to see in OUR America. Otherwise, how do we tell our kids we watched the President’s State of the Union Address and did nothing? His is a partisan machine of fear and empty promises. His version of the un-Patriot Act reduces our rights and freedoms while claiming to bring Democracy elsewhere in the world. I’m much more optimistic. We can do better. We deserve better. I say honor our troops and declare victory. Start withdrawing our troops from Iraq. Then we can invest in our American communities and improve our domestic security in Rhode Island and elsewhere. Now that is Patriotic.

"I’m seeing many frustrated people who opposed Alito, as I had. But we can act to fix the problems with this country, such as the imbalance of powers and foreign oil reliance. It’s simple really. It’s time to fire the CEO of corrupt politics and this begins with a populist drive of citizens demanding our Congressmen begin Bush impeachment hearings. Otherwise, how do we explain how this post-Katrina, uncompassionate conservative succeeded in weakening our standard of living for most Americans, gutted Medicare, is working to reduce veteran benefits, tried to do in Social Security and is shifting the burden of healthcare costs from big business to our public with 46 million uninsured? How do we explain an amoral President who does not get results and is violating his constitutional oath to faithfully execute his office by his gross incompetence, indifference and disregard for our nation and other nations’ citizens?

"How do we explain the absence of WMD, lack of armor for our troops, the increase of terrorist acts and Osama bin Laden still on the loose, no exit strategy and unnecessary deaths in Iraq for oil? How do we tell our kids this President cut Rhode Island’s funds for domestic security while he increases friction with Latin America and our other allies who buffer our nation’s safety? How do we explain a President who wants to build walls on our border when President Reagan was tearing them down in Europe? How do we explain invoking religion instead of law to support intelligent design while allowing human and civil rights violations to run amok?

"How do we tell our kids this President hijacked our American Dream, by squandering billions of our hard earned dollars, while wealthy corporate and special interests receive excessive tax cuts? How do we tell our kids and grandkids they’ll be repaying an $8 trillion debt, much of it owed to China? How do we explain there’s less money for their education, healthcare and security?

"I’m a small business owner and educator. My wife and I are from modest backgrounds. We’re Marine veterans and have five children between us - ages nine through 19. We’re more afraid for our future under King George than of terrorists. Government is now in conservative hands under a President with an agenda that does not match the wants and wishes of “We The People”.

"James Madison wrote in support of our Constitution a common sense concern that holds true now more than ever. He stated, “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

"The President has repeatedly lied to our Congress and Americans, broke our laws and abused his executive authority with impunity while his Cheney/Rove machine is smearing others. Like most Rhode Islanders we watched with optimism when US Senator Chafee wrote in “W”s” father’s name during the 2004 presidential election, but then he supported Bush’s nomination of Bolton to the U.N. We thought he’d join the Democrats with the urging of our national leadership, but he didn’t. But words don’t fix stagnant wages or make us more competitive with India and China. Words don’t bring our troops home. Acts do, but my attempts at convincing Chafee to disaffiliate from the party that hold his votes political hostage and blocks our nation’s checks and balances have sadly, to date, failed.

"We waited for Democratic Congressmen Patrick Kennedy and James Langevin to protect our democracy and initiate impeachment hearings and we’re still waiting. They’re national chairs on Sheldon Whitehouse’s U.S. Senate Campaign. We stopped waiting after Sheldon followed Matt Brown’s “stay the course in Iraq” in Matt’s US Senate bid announcement, then they both flip-flopped. I’m not waiting. I’m fighting to get our country back, our democracy back. I’m fighting for my family and for yours, too.

"Our Sheeler for U.S. Senate campaign is about working folks who share our convictions by challenging Americans regardless of party affiliation to engage in acts of patriotism, such as our “Be Patriotic Impeach Bush billboard on I-95 scheduled to post Friday. I’m calling on Congressmen Langevin and Kennedy to do the right thing and fight for our democracy by assisting US Representative Conyers (D-MI) to initiate impeachment hearings. High crimes and misdemeanors, the constitutional standards for impeachment and removal from office, are easily proven for a President who states he’s above our laws. Bush must be held accountable for his many clear infractions. Bush’s misconduct stops when we stand united, so our communities take back OUR American values. “Be Patriotic” with peaceful acts against his monarchy of discrimination and hatred. Start by making a contribution and wearing Patriotic Blue on Fridays until the “Impeach Bush” proceedings begin. Start by organizing rallies, write and send emails, blogs and letters, make phone calls and display bumper stickers and signs. Let’s take back OUR dream!”


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