Website Could be One in a Billion: Web Site Starts Out as Ambitious Bet but May Reach One Billion Hits

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Help AJ win the bet and get one billion page views on his one billion page view website. It's already proving very popular and already featured in national newspapers, tv and radio.

A Web site that started out as an ambitious bet is proving so popular in the first 2 weeks, it could actually get one billion hits.

AJ, 26, has been making websites since the age of seventeen, he doesn't have a degree, not a a-level, not even a gcse, everything he know's is self taught. "I believe that the internet is the greatest invention of the millennium, the door is wide open for me" said AJ, the founder of

His website, has only been online just over 2 weeks but is extremely popular and seems to be hot topics on forums and blogs across the internet, the site has already received over 30,000 page views and rising everyday, considering he isn't allowed to spend a penny marketing it, he has got a serious task ahead of him! The website has already been featured in national newspapers in the UK. AJ has also been featured on talk shows and done interviews on radio stations across the globe. When he achieves his goal, it will make one of the most seen & visited websites on the internet.

In a statement to us AJ says " grew from nothing to 200,000 hits in the first week of being online, over a game of snooker, I just happened to be boasting about it to my friends, which later turned into a debate on how websites work and how to promote them... one of them challenged me, and I love a good challenge, they bet me and said they would gladly give me £1000 if I could make a site that gets One Billion Hits! There was one major clause, I cannot spend a penny in marketing the website, just me, my laptop and nothing else. We all know I could simply put a refresh tag in and leave my laptop on for a month. so I told him I would get 1 billion unique hits just to prove it can be done."

Its interesting to note that he isn't allowed to spend any money marketing it, surely if he achieves this, it will make him a marketing king? other websites that get this amount of hits usually spend millions on marketing or have thousands of pages of content behind the website for search engines to pick up on.

There are even copy cat sites popping up already across the internet trying to jump on the bandwagon but AJ insists "This is 100% Genuine"

The homepage counter will only record a unique IP address once every hour, to stop AJ employing a bunch of click monkeys to rack up the total early. AJ has also set up a blog to keep regular visitors informed of the progress although these pages aren’t included in the overall total. There seems to be a huge community building up around the website, a quick look at the comments on the website shows hundreds people showing their support & enthusiasm towards the website.

He makes a plea on the site asking for your help, "I want to win this bet, I'm not trying to make a million out of this, just a grand! and the pleasure of winning the bet! I love a good challenge, Help me do it, spread the word and lets make it official."

In a interview with us, he went on to say "I'm shocked with the amount of interest the website has generated, juggling this with my day job at is a task and a half!"

So far, AJ has been featured in The Chronicle, New Nation, (Yahoo News),,,, "I hope to be featured in The Sun, The Daily Mirror, New York Times, The BBC & other quality press, those are my current goals" He comments.

AJ also runs numerous other websites, some of which are extremely popular, however, is set to be his most viewed site yet.

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