The Forest City Coffee Company Delivers the Specialty Blends that Professional Offices Are Demanding

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Surveys show good coffee can be a small perk that goes a long way toward keeping employees happy.

For employers looking for an affordable and truly appreciated employee benefit, there may be no better investment than a quality cup of Joe. Seem far fetched? Not according to the stats. A recent study by the National Coffee Association found that out-of-home coffee consumption jumped 11% from 2003 to 2004; the greatest part of this increase was from coffee consumed during work hours. Far from being a frivolous expense, the delivery of quality coffee in the workplace boosts employee morale, enhances productivity, and keeps employees on-site. To meet this rising demand for quality “grind” in the office, starting in January 2006, The Forest City Coffee Company will be delivering premium coffee and tea to offices in the Cleveland area.

The Forest City Coffee Company offers the delivery of gourmet specialty coffee, imported and gourmet tea, and other premium hot beverages to the workplace. Their wide selection of hot beverages includes Caféjo Pod Coffee, local fresh-roasted Caruso’s Coffee, Java Trading Company Coffee, Twinings of UK Tea, Bewley’s of Ireland tea, Republic of Tea gourmet teas, Bellagio Old World Italian Cocoa, and a variety of cappuccino flavors. Along with their biweekly free delivery service, the company offers free equipment rental, hassle-free hookup of the beverage systems to the office water supply, free scheduled cleaning and filter changes, and a wide variety of accoutrements, such as regular and flavored creamers, sugar and sweeteners, flavored syrups, and paper products.

Premium beverage delivery service accommodates employees’ evolving tastes and reduces the number of 15-minute coffee breaks that employees may be taking to the Starbucks or the corner café. A quality cup of coffee is also appreciated by visitors to the office.

Instead of offering their guests bitter, watery, or cold coffee from the office kitchen, serving a cup of gourmet coffee welcomes clients and prospects to the company and gives a good first impression. For less than 10 cents a cup, employers can set the mood in their office as upbeat and professional.

As employers are recognizing the simple, yet substantial benefits inspired by a fine cup of brew, more and more offices are kicking coffee up a notch. Businesses are opting for professional coffee delivery that can help them make the most of this workplace perk.

Not all coffee delivery companies were made equal, however. Dale Simmerly, President of The Forest City Coffee Company, explains his vision of one-on-one customer service and superior product: “We’re locally owned and operated, and I see us developing longstanding relationships with Cleveland-area companies by providing individualized service. We have a process mapped out where we visit every new client and match them with the brewing system that is best suited to their needs. The quality of the coffee,” Simmerly continues, “is of paramount importance to us. Over here, we’re sort of coffee snobs, but that’s good for our customers; it means they’ll receive nothing but the best.”

The unit each customer receives is based on the number of employees and visitors they have and the variety of flavors that they want to serve. Customers can choose from one of the increasingly popular single-cup systems, or they can opt for more traditional coffee brewing equipment. After the initial visit, the systems are installed by a licensed, bonded technician. “It’s truly a hands-off, turnkey solution for our customers,” says Simmerly.

The single-cup coffee makers are especially vogue and very practical. The Forest City Coffee Company offers two kinds of single-cup systems, the Caféjo Pod Brewing System and the Saeco. Each one serves coffee one cup at a time, so that employees or visitors can pick the flavor that they’re in the mood for. The single-cup systems also reduce waste (no more pouring out half a pot of stale coffee) and have been know to reduce electric bills (no more running the hot plate trying to keep coffee warm all day). The Saeco maker is a new favorite. With the Saeco, a cup of coffee starts with whole beans, and after the push of just one button, it creates a true coffee-house quality beverage.

Says Simmerly, “We have one mission: to stamp out all bad office coffee. We believe it’s possible that coffee can be so good that employees will come to work, just for that specialty blend they’ve been craving. What could be a smarter, more cost-efficient way to make your employees happy, cut down on the number of off-site coffee breaks, and inspire them to get their work done?”

The Forest City Coffee Company is located in Cleveland Ohio at 4758 Ridge Road #276, Cleveland, OH 44144. For more information on The Forest City Coffee Company or the services they provide, visit or call The Fresh Coffee hotline at 440-499-1099.


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