Broken New Year's Resolutions -- How to Fix Them

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Author, counselor and Oprah guest Bill Ferguson offers advice for salvaging those abandoned New Years resolutions and making real changes in your life.

With the new year, millions of people make resolutions about their health, their work and their relationships. Within weeks, the resolutions have been broken and the people who made them are left feeling like failures. Making changes with superficial resolutions doesn't work, says author and counselor Bill Ferguson. To change your life, start from the inside. These seven steps, adapted from his new book, Miracles are Guaranteed (available in bookstores and at will help anyone create a life that works.

  • Be positive. The words you speak and the thoughts you accept determine how you view life. You then act consistent with the way you view life and life proves your point of view to be true. If you want a life that works, don't speak negatively or accept negative thoughts about yourself, other people or your life.

  • Accept yourself. You are the way you are whether you like it or not. Until you make peace with the way you are, you will never make peace with life. Accept every aspect of yourself, particularly the aspects that you don't like.

  • Let go. When you resist the way life is, you get upset and lose your ability to see clearly. You destroy love and make your situation worse. To restore both your effectiveness and your peace of mind, let go of your demands for how life should be and flow with the way life is. Then take whatever action you need to have your life be great.

  • Accept full responsibility for your life. When you accept full 100% responsibility for what happens in your life, you have power. Others may also be responsible, but when you blame other people, they get your power. You become a victim and unable to take effective action. When you accept responsibility, you get your power back.

  • Don't overspend. Upsets about money seem to be due to a lack of income, but this is seldom the case. Money upsets are almost always due to overspending. When spending exceeds your income, you can expect to get upset. To create a life of prosperity, make sure you spend less than you make and appreciate what you have.

  • Find a dream to go for. When you have a dream to go for, life becomes an exciting adventure. You have direction and a reason for living. You add spice to your life. If you don't have a dream to go for, get one as fast as you can.

  • Serve. Have your life be about more than you. When you put focus on yourself, upsets and problems grow. When you focus on serving, upsets and problems dissolve. Find something more important than you and throw yourself into it.

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Bill Ferguson spent most of his adult life studying the nature of love. He discovered that whenever love is present, life works. You are happy, alive and free. You radiate a very positive energy and great things happen. By creating this experience of love, you create a life that works.

Bill has been recommended by The Wall Street Journal and featured in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and television talk shows across the country, including Oprah. Bill Ferguson is available for interview. For more information, call 713-520-5370 or visit Bill on the Web at and

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