Chiropractors and their Websites: What Matters?

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You might have a Website up by now, but don’t kid yourself; simply having one up is not enough. It’s essential that you have a quality Website.

Dr. Jason Deitch, chiropractor of Discover Wellness Center in Oakland, CA ( feels that, for the relatively low cost, a chiropractor can acquire a strong website that does a good job of marketing your practice, assisting in patient education and streamlining procedures. “My patients are in front of the computer. That’s a fact. The web, email, etc. is an integral part of their daily life. If I’m not putting my best foot forward there, it’s going to hurt me."

According to Deitch, choosing a Website is no different than choosing your table: going with the cheapest is penny wise and pound foolish. “You might think you are getting a good deal having your nephew or neighbor handle the construction of your website, but that is just asking for trouble. Your website represents you. It’s a reflection of your practice. It’s your spokesman.”

Dr. Bruce Varon, of Varon Chiropractic in Burbank CA (, believes there are some key areas a website company practiced in the chiropractic field can give you a leg up. “Not only is your professional image in play with your website, but there are many other factors to consider. Do you show up in search engines in your area when potential patients do a search? Do you instantly have all the relevant, quality links and resources included in your site, without you having to do all the work? Can you change the Website’s copy yourself?”

Bottom line, a top shelf website is affordable and will continue to be ever more critical to a practice’s success.

Keep these factors in mind when assessing your web site.

1.    Do you have a unique domain name and e-mail accounts. The days of are rapidly ending. You need an email address with your own domain name, hopefully incorporating the name of your practice.

2.    Is your site somewhat unique to your practice? There certainly can be crossover compared to other chiropractic sites, obviously. But a complete cookie-cutter web site with little personalized to your practice falls short of the mark.

3.    Are there lead-generation tools on your site? If not, you’re not even trying. Not only should a potential patient be able to reach out to your practice through your website, but response should never take more than 24 hours during business days. If you aren’t personally that responsive with email, make sure someone on your staff is and that they check email every hour if possible. People on line are used to quick response.

4.    Do you appear on search engines for chiropractic in a search for your town? If you do not, the amount of business you will lose from this will increase every single year. You need to use a web company that can assure you that you will rank high on search engines for chiropractors in your area.

5.    Can you monitor traffic usage and patterns? Not being able to do so is too powerful of a loss. Being able to monitor traffic allows you to know what might be working or what impact an event, ad or article had for you. Additionally, if you are doing something to hurt the interest level, the traffic levels could give you a heads up so you could make adjustments.

6.    Is your site interactive? Just having a site that states your information but doesn’t allow for interactivity doesn’t cut it. Can you offer newsletters that can be emailed to your patients monthly, as a value-added service that also acts as a salesperson for your practice?

7.    Can you rely on support from the web company? There have been many nightmare situations where people got a “deal” from some individual but said individual disappeared and the doctor was left with a website that needed changed or improved but had no way to make it happen. Don’t be caught like that.

8.    Can you easily update information yourself? You don’t want straddled with a site where you have to require the web company to make any copy changes that need made. Not only can that be expensive, but it can be restrictive making you hostage to the web company.

9.    Does your site afford the luxury of you including forms and scheduling, saving you and the patient time?

10.    Does your site look as professional as other top chiropractic sites?

Yamia Benhaim is co-founder of, a custom website & marketing company. She devotes her website/marketing expertise and successful track record toward empowering doctors with online management tools necessary to run a successful practice.


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