New Skin Care Research Produces a Shielding Lotion to Keep Toxins at Bay

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Common environmental toxins can cause skin damage.

Everyday products found in your laundry, kitchen, bathroom and toiletry bag may contain chemical or synthetic substances that could place the health of your family at risk. One of these chemicals, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (or Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is used in many shampoos and cleaning products to create the foaming action. But it also creates a dysfunction of the biological system of the skin, causing flaking that can result in severe skin damage and dry skin conditions.

The skin is one of the organs most easily affected by environmental toxins and chemicals and can react with a type of allergic dermatitis -- dry, itchy skin or when it gets severe, eczema.

Allergic dermatitis (itchy rash) is the most common skin condition in children younger than 11 years of age. The percentage of American children diagnosed with it has increased from 3% in the 1960s to more than 10% today. Now research has produced a new kind of lotion that can protect the skin and help keep these toxins out.

“The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it’s responsible for protecting the internal organs from the toxic world we live in,” says Enrique (Ike) Alabata, director of research and development for 21st Century Formulations, a company that specializes in the development of natural skin care products. “A d ecline in either the natural oils or moisture directly correlates to a higher skin pH, and that in turn reduces the skin’s defenses against these chemicals and environmental toxins.”

When it’s intact, the skin provides a nearly germ proof barrier to protect us against microorganisms, toxins and moisture loss. Skin also contains millions of sweat and oil glands, which eliminate toxins while helping to keep the body cool and the skin moist. But if the skin is stripped of this protective layer and poisoned by toxic exposure, it undergoes more skin cell damage than it can repair. When this happens, the outward appearance is that of "aging."

Years of intensive research led the team at 21st Century Formulations to the development of Skin MD Natural, a shielding lotion that uses the very latest skin care technology to bond with the outer layer of the skin, protecting it from chemicals, environmental toxins and irritants and holding in your natural moisture, preventing the aging of the skin.

Randy Schwanke suffered with eczema, psoriasis and allergic skin reactions on both his hands and feet for many years. “Despite trying many types of lotion my hands looked like something out of a Hollywood horror movie and due to the skin problems on my feet I had difficulty walking,” says Schwanke. “My dermatologist gave me your shielding lotion and within few days my skin started to heal.”

“The artificial moisturizers in conventional creams and lotions can send a signal to the moisture producing parts of your skin that enough moisture is present,” says Dr. Brian Zogg, a board-certified dermatologist in Southern Minnesota. “Your skin then makes less of the natural moisture needed for an effective dry skin treatment. A shielding lotion protects your skin against chemicals and uses your natural oils and moisture to heal the damage.”

Even though we are exposed to chemical and toxins every day, with this new skin care technology it is possible to protect the skin on your face, hands and body, keeping it youthful, supple and healthy.


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