Instant Greenhouse Anywhere; Growing Plants Hydroponically is Now Effortless, and Accessible to Anyone With Empty Space -- New Turnkey Growing Systems Have Arrived

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Homegrown Hydroponics is the leading manufacturer of self contained growing chambers. The release of their newest endeavor, the "Mini-Stealth" makes it possible for anyone with empty space to grow fresh flowers and vegetables right on their counter top. The system is completely enclosed and self supporting; just add water and seeds, and watch as plants thrive.

Homegrown Hydroponics ( is the leading manufacturer of indoor turnkey growing chambers, utilizing the latest in hydroponic technology. Their latest venture "The Mini-Stealth" hydroponic growing system has already turned more than a few heads. Local restaurants are flocking onboard to purchase growing machines that can sit right on their kitchen counter, and grow fresh, chemical free culinary herbs. Their customers are enjoying the fruits of our labor by delighting over fresh grown produce and vegetables. Growing hydroponically is not new, but growing with total ease in an automated system is.

Howard Birnbaum of Homegrown Hydroponics explains "The systems we build, make it possible for anyone to grow any variety of plants and culinary herbs with little to no effort. Our systems really are ready to grow right out of the box. A user simply has to plug it in, add water and seeds, and watch as the plants flourish! You see, our systems provide and maintain the perfect growing environment for plants. Unlike in nature, the growing vegetables or flowers get exactly the conditions they need to thrive. We give them that, and then stand back and marvel at the results. With our systems, you don't even get your hands dirty; who needs soil to grow."

Homegrown Hydroponics is bringing what used to be a complicated and scientific to any home in America, or abroad. The system is loaded with self adjusting timers, pumps, lights and technological gadgetry that is all neatly tucked away behind the surface. However, needing to know how all that works isn't necessary. The systems are ready to grow right out of the box, and come pre-programmed to grow a variety of the most popular household plants. The Stealth series of grow cabinets is geared toward the hobbyist, or average person, and priced very economically, allowing anyone to get into the joy of growing hydroponically. It's not reserved for the elite few anymore.

Mr. Birnbaum further explains "We control everything in these systems. From the time the sun rises, to sun set, and prevailing winds. Unlike nature, we use high intensity bulbs and fans to produce the same effect. But, we can tune that environment to suit any plant, and un-like nature the sun can even stay up for 24 hours at a time; resulting in plants that can grow twice as fast! Studies show plants grown hydroponically can actually grow up to 10x faster than in soil, because they do not have to grow a massive root structure."

With the cost of organic, chemical free herbs and vegetables on the rise, systems like these make it possible to grow your own. Resulting in much fresher produce than anything you can purchase at the grocery market, and without all those nasty chemicals, which are so bad for us. Hydroponics has been the talk of the town for several years now, and today, with the efforts of companies like Homegrown Hydroponics, it's easier and more accessible to grow all year round than ever before.


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