Hurricane Housing Relief Responds to President Bush

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In the wake of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, President Bush asked Americans to step up to the plate to help the Gulf Coast and Hurricane Housing Relief Foundation has answered the call. Hurricane Housing Relief Inspirational Musical is scheduled to Tour the US in Early Spring. The organization is encouraging everyone to get involved to bring resolution to the Gulf Coast disaster. "Ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your Country."

We believe that we should never allow something so drastic to be swept under a rug as times goes on but instead, persist until the entire gulf coast region is rebuilt -- bigger, better and stronger than ever.

Las Vegas based- Hurricane Housing Relief Foundation, a voice for families who have been devastated and misplaced by Hurricane Katrina, is planning a National Inspirational Musical Tour. They are scheduled to tour twelve major cities across the US in early spring to support what they believe is a permanent housing solution for the Hurricane Katrina evacuees.

A heart gripping musical masterpiece titled “Bring Them Home”, written by co-founder F.D.Guyton and produced by Devrick William, a student of the late Barry White, will fuel this National Inspirational Musical Tour. Joining this effort will be Caribbean Las Vegas, an original steel drum band from St Croix, now living in Las Vegas, has lined up and extended their full support to HHR. The dynamic Duo of Calypso music, Rupert Henry, the king of the steel drums and his wife Queeny, the songstress has dedicated their new CD release entitled 'All of Us Are One," to HHR. "The CD is our way of helping such a magnificent cause, One Love!" says Rupert. They also have committed a portion of their upcoming performances to help HHR. Another dynamic artist and future Grammy winner Charles Vienn II will tour and support the cause. Charles stated, "When I first heard about the the tour, it was in my heart and I felt I had to do something to help. (Check their web site to see when they will be in a town near you)

Hurricane Housing Relief [ claims it has a permanent solution to rebuild the homes in the Gulf Coast, stated the organization's co-founder, Ron Isaac. "We believe that we should never allow something so drastic to be swept under a rug as times goes on but instead, persist until the entire gulf coast region is rebuilt -- bigger, better and stronger than ever."

Their website states that the mission of Hurricane Housing Relief (HHR) is to move beyond temporary solutions that are being addressed and raise awareness of the permanent housing need on behalf of those misplaced families in the Gulf Coast Region.

Hurricane Housing Relief said it has signed actor, writer, director Rodney Allen Rippy as its worldwide spokesman. Rippy, the company said, will appear in television, print, radio, and Internet for public service announcements on behalf of

They also stated that their first commercial starring the commercial icon is currently in preproduction and is scheduled to air in late February. It will promote the company's revolutionary homebuilding technology, which is said to be the first consorted effort to be "The Permanent Housing Solution" for the displaced and heartbroken Hurricane Katrina victims.

Rippy began his career in entertainment at the tender age of 3 1/2. Rodney Allen Rippy went on to work with some of the biggest names in entertainment Industry. Rodney was given an award for having one of the greatest commercials in the past 50 years.

F.D. Guyton, Director agrees and stated, "We look forward to Mr. Rippy coming abroad and through all his celebrity appeal it's evident that he understands that the time is now to help the Katrina victims with a real permanent solution to the current housing and economic crisis. I was personally affected by the hurricane disaster, my oldest daughter lost her home in Louisiana and my wife and I, lost everything in the Texas gulf coast. Now you see why I am very committed and dedicated to Hurricane Housing Relief and will continue until the mission is complete."

In a recent meeting the spokesman, Rodney Allen Rippy was quoted as saying Hurricane Housing Relief is not here for more political wrangling or finger pointing, this is about a displaced people who need to come home and find permanent solution to their immediate problems."

Congress, state and local leaders now face critical decisions about how to proceed with this urgent goal. It is time to coalesce around the best ideas, whether Republican or Democrat -- from the right, left, or center -- and get to work. No man is an Island; this tragedy will need help from the government, FEMA, charities, the public and private citizens for a long time to come to restore the Gulf Coast.

Hurricane Housing Relief appears 100% committed and they would like everyone to re-commit and remain dedicated until New Orleans, Alabama and Mississippi is completely rebuilt, stronger than ever. Help us to make a difference for those that choose to return to their home. If you want to do something to help, you can do so by going to

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