JobSerf Uses Offshore Talent to Find Jobs for U.S. Workers: 60 Million Job Seekers Can Benefit from Offshore Outsourcing

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JobSerf is an employment service using offshore talent in India to find and apply for jobs online for U.S workers.

JobSerf, a new employment service recently announced that its services are available worldwide to all U.S. workers. Using JobSerf's services, job seekers can hire a serf to search for employment opportunities and apply to jobs they are most interested in. Implementing proven outsourcing strategies, JobSerf will help alleviate the stress and time it takes to find a new job.

JobSerf, Inc. seeks to capture business from the more than 50 million people seeking new employment opportunities, in addition to the parents of the 1.5 million graduating college seniors hoping to enter the work force each year. The company’s process was developed specifically to address the confidentiality concerns of the employed job seeker, their major market target.

“JobSerf significantly raises the bar for services assisting job seekers,” says Jay Martin, one of the company’s founders. “Most services provide incremental support to make a job seeker’s online search more effective, while JobSerf relieves them of the onerous task of an online search.”

“For many years, major corporations have benefited by offshore outsourcing,” adds Martin. “Now millions of U.S. workers can directly benefit as well. We are lifting the burden off the job seekers’ shoulders. Rather than spending countless hours scouring the Internet for job openings, our clients can be more productive by networking, preparing for interviews or working at their current jobs. Many existing services sell leads to consumers from a database; we are in the business of selling actual work that achieves tangible results.”

JobSerf leverages a highly refined process employing less-expensive labor to perform an extremely complex task. For job seekers, this translates to more time and less headaches. Today, there are more than 40,000 job sites on the Internet. Millions of people post their resumes on the World Wide Web hoping they will be seen by hiring managers or recruiters. Monster, HotJobs and Careerbuilder have literally tens of millions of unique visitors every month. According to a survey by the national outplacement firm Drake Beam Morin, the average length of time to find a new job was 5.2 months in 2004. With thousands of online employment-related sites, including job boards, corporate Web pages, professional trade sites, a thorough online job search can be time-consuming, tedious and frustrating.

How does JobSerf really work? JobSerf uses a patent-pending process developed by Martin, an international strategy-consultancy veteran. A job seeker enters information online and attaches cover letters and resumes through the JobSerf site, A professional reviews and confirms their information, then develops a customized search regimen for each client. Using the search regimen, the JobSerf Team in Visak, India, begins looking for positions that match the client’s objectives. With customer-provided letters and resumes, the Serfs apply to specific jobs found on the Internet in the same way their customers would. JobSerf uses technology that permits the Serfs to send emails that appear to have originated from the applicant’s own computer, so that the JobSerf process is invisible to the prospective employer. The customer can focus on reviewing the jobs being applied to and fielding requests for interviews that result from their Serfs’ effort.

“JobSerf can provide superior results as compared to an individual’s efforts by leveraging the search expertise of the Serfs, their knowledge of the job boards and ability to share leads with their colleagues,” said Martin. JobSerf allows the job seeker to direct the Serfs’ efforts during the process to find the most relevant types of open positions. Bottom line – the overall price of the service becomes far less than the cost of the time it would take the applicant to do it on their own.”

“In two months, JobSerf found and applied to 470 jobs in my target cities,” said Darvin Schmidt, a financial professional searching across the country. “I enjoyed waking up each day to see the jobs that had been applied to on my behalf.”

The first customer to land a job using JobSerf was Phil Miller, one of JobSerf's founders and a board member. During the early trials in 2004, a Serf applied to a job for him during a test. After discussions with him, the company later made Miller an offer for a consulting contract, which he accepted. “After that experience, no one involved had any doubts as to whether JobSerf really works,” said Miller.

The cost of having JobSerf search and apply to positions is $4.90 per hour with an introductory package for the first 20 hours at $98. After the initial week, customers have the option to continue for 20 hours a week or, for more targeted job searches, 8 hours per week at $49. JobSerf also offers longer-term packages at discounted rates.

About JobSerf (

JobSerf, Inc. is a privately held Texas-based corporation that is the pioneer in using non-U.S. talent to search and apply for jobs on behalf of clients. JobSerf was founded in February of 2004 by partners who collectively have more than 60 years of experience with some of the world’s top firms. The company also has retained advisors from the human resources, outplacement, e-commerce and investment banking industries. For more information, visit the website at, or contact Arnel Trovada at (972) 789-2626.


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