Where Do Death Spirits Go?

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Junior Detective Kate Flanagan with the Minot, ND Police Department is about to find out, but she won't like the answer.

Death Spirits, a haunting new novel by Allan McLeod, is about the murder of Zoë Brown, a young, attractive, and adored high-school teacher who left a promising career in New York City to teach in a small school in a forgotten village that God dumped on a piece of desolation somewhere between Minot, ND and the Canadian border.

Thirty-five year old Kate Flanagan can’t explain what forces drive her to demand that she be placed in charge of Zoë’s case, which will be her first, but soon discovers she got a lot more than bargained for when, announcing it will perish if Zoë’s killer isn’t brought to justice, Zoë’s spirit takes up residence in Kate’s body.

As Kate struggles to keep the existence of her otherworld friend secret lest her superiors begin to question their judgment and her sanity, she discovers that Zoë’s spirit brought with it the spirit of another young woman from a twelve-year-old murder, a spirit that grows deathly weak, and it falls to Flanagan to quickly solve both murders and free her new companions for travel to their ultimate destinies in the world beyond.


“I live on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and had just completed a novel about a murder that took place in an office building a block from my apartment. For my next story I wanted to return to my roots, a small western town like the ones where I grew up and where nothing could be more tragic and affect a greater percentage of people than the murder of an adored school teacher.

“And I wanted a female protagonist. To me, the spirit of a woman like Zoë demanded a female host very much like Zoë, a professional woman, single, an outsider, whose sexuality and religion aren’t known, but who, unlike Zoë, is deemed a threat by these small town people who suddenly find themselves suffocating under a blanket of suspicion.”


McLeod and his wife live on New York City’s Upper West Side with their cat, Smoke. His next novel to be published is ‘Barely Dead, a Paige Harrington Mystery’ that takes place in Western Canada to be followed by a second Paige Harrington mystery that takes place in New York City. Watch for press releases announcing publication dates and providing a further look inside the author’s creative mind.


Death Spirits ISBN 13: 978-1-4116-5562-1; ISBN 10: 1-4116-5562-1, 398 pages, is available in high-quality paperback for $19.95 from Lulu at: http://www.lulu.com/content/162980 where the first chapter can be downloaded in Adobe format.

Death Spirits is also available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other on-line retailers. To go to these sites and read selected extracts visit Google Book Search at: http://books.google.com/books?ie=UTF-8&vid=ISBN1411655621&id=uR7ysQzcpUQC&pg=PA1&lpg=PA1&dq=death+spirits&sig=uTLXDor7k-5DELvGAGSI9BO-Iu4.

Death Sprits is a self-published novel through Lulu Publishing, Inc., (http://www.lulu.com/) a smart technology company created to give authors the ability to produce high-quality books and retain 100% control over the process and their work.

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