CEO and Business Owner Podcast Use Increasing

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CEO and business owner podcast use is increasing, making new shows like CEO Corner™, IBM's And the Future Of™, Fidelity's Investment Podcasts™, and Business Week's Cover Stories™ successful. Shows enable executives to interact, receive focused content, and listen anytime, anywhere, meeting the need for access to timely relevant content.

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Many of our client CEOs and business owners are just beginning to see the power of this medium for their businesses. The right podcast strategy provides a new high-value communication vehicle, bringing them closer to their customers, partners, and sales channel.

CEOs and business owners are validating the podcast trend in a strong way, quickly making "podshows" like recently launched CEO Corner™ – a small-to-medium size business owner and CEO focused show – a top podshow on Apple iTunes™ Top Subscribed Business Podcast List™.

Although podcasting is a relatively new trend in the business world, born out of the blog (web log) and music download universe nearly two years ago, it is now moving mainstream for both consumers and many businesses.

How many actual CEOs or business owners are using this media format for business information, or as a communications vehicle in their businesses, remains uncertain. However, the popularity of business podcasts, and specifically those like the CEO Corner™ – which provides targeted content for small-to-medium size business owners and CEOs – and other business focused podshows on the Top 100 list, like those from IBM™, Deloitte™, and Business Week™, provides an important indicator of adoption.

CEOs and business owners are very practical and thus generally skeptical of new trends until they are proven. They need to see the business and efficiency benefit. Since podcasts provide an efficient way for busy CEOs and business owners to identify and continually receive highly relevant business content – screening out the rest – they seem to be seeing the value of this trend quickly.

According to David M. Chaney, host of the CEO Corner™ and president and CEO of Role1™, a leading CEO and business owner consulting and coaching firm, the “major benefit to busy CEOs seems to be the efficiency with which they can access business-critical information. The podcast format eliminates frustration associated with searching repeatedly for timely, relevant audio or video content on the Internet. CEOs are able to simply identify and subscribe to shows such as the CEO Corner™ once, and then never think about it again. When they turn on their computer or iPod™, a leading podcast device, they grab it and go - listening to their favorite content on the way to work, while they travel, or as they work in their office.”

Podcast producers are using innovative methods to make sure podshows stays grassroots and connected to their target audience. This is another important appeal of the format – creating a sense of intimacy and community. The CEO Corner™, for example, is working to make sure the listener experience is interactive and different from mainstream media. Mr. Chaney notes that "We’re new at this and learning – like many other podshow producers – however, we're using best practices to ensure we develop great content. We provide a website where our listeners can provide input related to their most pressing questions, topics, and burning issues they want addressed. We use a powerful survey analysis tool to find the most important issues for each show, and then bring our experts, guest CEOs, and business luminaries on the show to address each specific issue. This is our strategy to keep the show relevant and timely, creating a totally user driven experience."

Mr. Chaney's formula seems to be working as the CEO Corner™ podshow is ranked #40 after only several weeks "on the air" alongside a list of heavy hitters on the top 100 List, like Business Week™, Ad Age™, Deloitte™, IBM™, Fidelity™, ABC News™, Voice of America™, and CNBC™.

The CEO Corner™ takes the interactive experience a few steps further by providing a link for CEOs and subject-matter experts who would like to be guests on the show. This provides valuable exposure for the CEO, their company, and their products, as well as, directly involves them in the dialogue and solution for themselves and other CEO listeners, building an even deeper sense of community. The CEO Corner™ also provides free weekly CEO Mastermind Calls™ and Forums (teleclinics and webinars) to enable CEOs to call in and directly discuss the same topics covered on the CEO Corner(tm) with CEO consulting subject-matter experts and other CEOs.

Mr. Chaney also notes that, "Many of our client CEOs and business owners are just beginning to see the power of this medium for their businesses. The right podcast strategy provides a new high-value communication vehicle, bringing them closer to their customers, partners, and sales channel."

Business focused podcasts appear to be here to stay and small-to-medium size businesses will reap real benefits. Look for video casts (v-casts) to go mainstream business very soon, as well.


The CEO Corner™ is a CEO and business owner focused podshow for small-to-medium size business (SMB) Owners and CEOs. Timely and relevant insights, tips, best practices, and other content is driven interactively by the CEO listener, and delivered by CEO and consulting and coaching experts, covering the full spectrum of SMB business owner needs™.

You can subscribe to the CEO Corner™ on Apple iTunes™ Podcast Directory. First download Apple iTunes™ jukebox. Then, after your iTunes™ jukebox is loaded, search for CEO Corner™ in the Apple iTunes Music Store™.

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David M. Chaney is the president and CEO of Role1, the leading provider of end-to-end consulting and coaching solutions for small-to-medium size company owners and CEOs™. He is the host of the CEO Corner™ and a practicing CEO consultant and coach, specializing in CEO roadmap development, corporate planning and strategy, as well as, leadership and executive team search and development. You can reach Mr. Chaney at (408) 264-0228.

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