What the Skin Care Industry Doesn’t Want People to Know

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Many may wonder if the layering of many different skin care products is truly necessary. Many skin care companies would have you believe that in order to have perfect, youthful-looking skin; you must apply an anti-aging serum, a lipo-filling moisturizer, an antioxidant cream and finally an SPF lotion. Is this just another way to get you to buy more products or is layering products truly necessary?

Many skin care companies survive by getting their loyal customers to believe in the notion that a person must buy an entire system of products, all from the same company of course, in order for the products to work most effectively. The companies emphasize and reemphasize the idea that a person will achieve the greatest benefit if multiple products are used and this of course means “purchased”. Today, skin care companies will create products that target only one area of skin care instead of inventing a multi-faceted product. Many wonder if this keeps the product free from negatively interacting with other active ingredients or if it only contributes to the skin care company’s bottom line? The bottom line is layering products is not necessary.

In today’s world, people demand that their skin look better as the result of professional skin care products and profession skin care treatments. People don’t have time for layering products; instead they want one easy-to-use product that will generate results. Azure Cosmeceuticals realizes that product layering contributes mainly to a company’s total revenues and that an effective, results-orientated product can be created by combining a number of multiple actives, without any contraindications. Azure Cosmeceuticals is one company to not only recognize the busy person’s need, but is also one of the few companies to develop cutting-edge skin care technologies that are backed by true scientific evidence. One such product happens to be HydroPeptide™ Intensive Concentrate Anti-Aging Crème. This amazing skin care crème combines 3 BioActive Complexes known for generating results for the past, present and future. HydroPeptide™’s HydroLoxin™ complex consists of a combination of acetyl hexapeptide and essential oils that immediately replenish moisture, tone, and tighten skin while minimizing muscle contractions in order to prevent wrinkles. The Coll-Assist™ complex is a combination of five more peptides that work over time to repair underlying skin damage and each peptide independently performs on a certain aspect of the skin matrix. With the combination of 5 peptides, the user is certain to experience results, even if an anti-aging product hasn’t worked for them before. Plus, HydroPeptide™ contains the exclusive Oxybenone™ complex, a combination of active antioxidants that work synergistically to intercept collagen degrading enzyme production and increase microcirculation. With this combination of ingredients, HydroPeptide™ is not only guaranteed to work, but it is perfect for any skin type and persons of any age.

Although HydroPeptide™ is one easy to use crème; a system of other products should be used in order to maintain great skin. Azure Cosmeceuticals also offers an anti-aging cleanser, activating toner, dark-circle eye cream, and micro delivery peptide derma-peel. These products are designed specifically to protect skin from aging and work to accelerate the results of each other. This twice-daily treatment will ensure any person from ages 18 to 95 of younger, firmer-looking skin all-over the face, neck, and décolleté for now and the future. Where’s the crème? HydroPeptide™ is available now at your local cosmetic surgery office, high-end spa, select beauty-retail locations, and at http://www.hydropeptide.com. Currently, Azure Cosmeceuticals is seeking other highly-successful spa chains in other regions through-out the country to carry the HydroPeptide™ brand.    

About Azure Cosmeceuticals, Inc.

Azure Cosmeceuticals, Inc. is fully focused on bringing state-of-the-art, anti-aging innovations through premier skin care products that deliver results. Azure utilizes the latest proven developments in cosmeceutical skin care technology and offers credible and safe alternatives to cosmetic procedures. They are one of the few to develop new skin care technologies that are backed by true scientific evidence. They are dedicated to continued research and advancement in the skin care industry.


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