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Many spas and dermatologist offices are adding HydroPeptide™ to their spa menus and clients love the experience, but they especially love the end-result.

Aestheticians nationwide are ranting and raving about the new service they are adding to their spa menu. Linda Fillipone of Ambience Skin Care says, “Immediately after I perform the peel, I apply the HydroPeptide™ and my clients’ skin is instantly nourished with the vitamins and moisture they were missing. Their skin feels amazing and they literally look ten years younger.” Many are calling it the “HydroPeptide™ Peel”, but since HydroPeptide™ can be combined with your glycolic acid peels, lactic acid peels, beta-carotene masks, and many other services you can call it almost anything. Aestheticians love applying the HydroPeptide™ to their clients’ skin after they perform the service because the client can actually see a significant change in their clients’ skin.

Annelise Mihaljevic of Annelise Skin Care says, “My clients demand results so I have to make sure I am offering them the right treatments in conjunction with the right products. I purchased one tube of HydroPeptide™ to test out on myself first. I wanted to make sure that it was something I would feel comfortable offering to my clients. After about 2 weeks, my clients were asking me what I was using. They could already see a significant change in my appearance and they wanted it too. I made them wait another week until I told them. As soon as I stocked the HydroPeptide™ and offered it in my services, it flew off the shelf. I can’t keep it stocked. I see a change both physically and mentally in my clients. I love it. It is the only product I have ever used that causes my skin to feel tighter yet softer. I never break out and my pores are never clogged. The molecules are so small; they penetrate immediately and begin to work. It is never sticky or thick on my skin and I can see amazing results.”

Using HydroPeptide™ in your back-bar combines the best of all ingredients with your treatments. You can use glycolic acid to exfoliate, increase cell-turnover, and then increase the penetration of the 6 peptides within HydroPeptide™. Those peptides go on to naturally rebuild collagen deep within the epidermis. Finally, HydroPeptide™ is great because you can use it twice-a-day to help continue the rebuilding process and protect against further damage with an exclusive combination of over 10 antioxidants. If your spa does not yet offer the “HydroPeptide™ Peel” in their list of services, ask for it. They may not have experienced the difference HydroPeptide™ can make in there treatment room yet.

You can also experience the results of HydroPeptide™ at home. Azure Cosmeceuticals also offers an anti-aging cleanser, activating toner, dark-circle eye cream, and an at-home-use micro delivery peptide derma-peel. These products are designed specifically to protect skin from aging and work to accelerate the results of each other. This twice-daily treatment will ensure any person from ages 18 to 95 of younger, firmer-looking skin all-over the face, neck, and décolleté for now and the future. Where’s the crème? HydroPeptide™ is available now at your local cosmetic surgery office, high-end spa, select beauty-retail locations, and at Currently, Azure Cosmeceuticals is seeking other highly-successful spa chains in other regions through-out the country to carry the HydroPeptide™ brand.

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Azure Cosmeceuticals, Inc. is fully focused on bringing state-of-the-art, anti-aging innovations through premier skin care products that deliver results. Azure utilizes the latest proven developments in cosmeceutical skin care technology and offers credible and safe alternatives to cosmetic procedures. They are one of the few to develop new skin care technologies that are backed by true scientific evidence. They are dedicated to continued research and advancement in the skin care industry.

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