Author, Shane Ellis Uncovers 'The 7 Simple Secrets to Success'

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Success at whatever you desire can be yours. Sounds too good to be true -- but it’s not. It’s the real deal, says Author Shane Ellis. “I believe if you really want something in life you will achieve it,” explains Shane. And he has first-hand experience.

After near burnout five years ago Shane Ellis began studying NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming -- the study of human excellence) and now holds Masters, Teaching and Coaching Certification in this practice. As he began working on himself both physically and mentally he gradually became aware of 7 life-changing secrets, which he shares in his book ‘The 7 Simple Secrets to Success.’

“The book is basically about functioning at your very best levels and working towards reaching your goals,” says Shane. “Because your body is such a high-performance machine, the book has been structured so that you will understand, very simply, how to get the most out of you – whether it’s success in business, personal relationships, sport or even losing weight.”

With television appearances on Australia’s highest rating television and radio programmes, an upcoming appearance as guest-author at the Somerset Celebration of Literature, Australia’s premier Literary Festival, coverage in national magazines and national speaking engagements, Shane is about to launch in the UK and USA.

The book has received rave reviews by both his peers and the general public and is set to receive the same accolades internationally.

"This book gives you a series of practical, proven techniques to enhance the quality of your life," says author of ‘Maximum Achievement’, Brian Tracy.

Scott Harvey, Management Student agrees. “I have always been someone who has struggled with my weight and am already reaping the rewards by drinking more water, which has enabled me to cut so much junk from my diet. I have also found myself looking for healthier options and the weight is falling off. Furthermore, I have found myself getting through the day with less fatigue -- thank you.”

“Our 13-year-old son, Curtis, showed all the ability and potential in the world, but lacked the self-belief and confidence to fully reach that potential. Through the guidance, advice and inspiration of Shane Ellis and his special way with sharing his knowledge and insight, Curtis’ life has turned around. In one short year he has achieved new levels of personal and inter-personal success, and has come to truly believe the world is ‘his oyster’. Thank you Shane.” Marianne Ioannou, Mother.

“After reading Shane Ellis' book, I find myself really practising and benefiting from the secrets. As a woman in her late fifties, I found I had become complacent about myself. I'd forgotten how important it is to keep motivated, and that's what this book has done. I now stand tall, breathe fully, eat well and drink a lot more water. It has improved my health, cleared my mind and given me back my positive outlook. And after years of feeling stressed I have now learnt the art of relaxation. Thank you Shane.” Anne Hellingman.

Interactive and easy to apply, The 7 Simple Secrets to Success provides the necessary tools to help you on your personal journey to success.

And the 7 Secrets really are simple:

1. BREATHING: It's what we do to stay alive. By learning to breathe more fully and with purpose you will be well on your way to living life more passionately and with purpose.

2. HYDRATION: We are a water animal in that 75% of our body is made up of water. Simply by learning to drink appropriate quantities of water daily we can function in “success mode”.

3. EATING HABITS: Learn to listen with your whole body to what you are eating to ascertain the right high-performance foods for you. Fuelling your body up with awareness will allow you to attain optimum levels of performance in all you do in life.

4. GRANDSTANDING: Learn how to develop and maintain a posture that will motivate you to be in “success mode”. Correct posture and a confident stature give you an air of success, a real glow in how you operate in life, and it’s easy to do.

5. EDUCATIONAL KINESIOLOGY EXERCISES: These simple and easy exercises are designed to switch on both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. High-level brain functioning leads to high-level body functioning and therefore higher performance levels.

6. ACTIONS FOR SUCCESS PLANS: Actions for Success Plans take the process of goal setting to a higher level. This is a powerful and easy tool for achieving whatever you desire.

7. SWITCHING OFF & COOLING DOWN: Learn how to simply and easily create a calming effect in your body through de-stressing and becoming relaxed. By being able to de-stress and relax we create a greater balance in our life.

The 7 Simple Secrets to Success is the ideal book for people who are serious about changing their lives.

About the Author:

Shane Ellis holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree from The Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a Specialist Accreditation in law from the Queensland Law Society. He has a Masters’ Certification, Teaching Certification and Coaching Certification in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming). He also holds Certification in Educational Kinesiology.

He is a dynamic speaker whose seminars teach people to achieve at higher levels, and he has helped many people follow their dreams and attain whatever they wish in their life.

The 7 Simple Secrets to Success is published by Success Imprinting - see website for details.

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