Making it Easier for Job Hunters Who Are Frustrated by Lack of Response, JobsByFax Helps By Faxing Their Resumes and Getting Great Results

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Job hunting goes from depressing to exciting after turning to JobsByFax.

With virtually no results from traditional job-hunting, resourceful job hunters like Tad Samulski, are now faxing resumes. After turning to JobsByFax ( job hunters like Tad have their resumes going straight to the executives at various companies and are getting instant results.

“I had spent 3 months, 7 days per week, 8 to 10 hours per day searching for jobs and applying for jobs via the internet, said Tad Samulski of Greenboro, North Carolina. “I had emailed my resume to tons of advertised jobs, with basically no results. I was beyond frustrated. Finally, after 3 months, I tried the service JobsByFax. That was on a Friday at 9:30 p.m. The following Monday at 8 a.m., I began receiving phone calls from people who had received my resume and wanted to interview me. I received a job that very week.”

JobsByFax executives say Tad's story is not unique. Job hunters using traditional methods like online sites, newspapers, or recruiters, are often finding themselves frustrated due to the lack of positive response. Job hunting through these traditional methods can take hundreds of hours and produce a small response. But with JobsByFax, phone calls for interviews start almost immediately once the resumes are faxed. Job hunters often find employment in a matter of one to three weeks.

JobsByFax ( is landing job seekers results in a different and unique way, by faxing their resumes. JobsByFax now has a newly redesigned website that is now even easier for users to navigate.

The challenge with traditional job-hunting methods is that only a fraction of the jobs available ever make it to the online sites, newspapers, and recruiters. Almost every job hunter is chasing these limited number of advertised job openings at the same time as everyone else. All this becomes frustrating for all parties involved. The employer is overwhelmed with all of the responses and the job hunter is lost in the shuffle. People looking for jobs start to feel desperate, frustrated, and even hopeless. When job seekers reach this point, many are ready to try anything that offers a glimmer of hope.

JobsByFax ( lets job hunters fax resumes to all companies in their chosen area, not just the ones running ads for job openings. Often it's the place with the unadvertised job opening that ends up hiring the job seeker. Faxing a resume also means it is more likely to be noticed. This happens for two reasons: 1) It’s not sitting with dozens of competing resumes on someone’s desk; 2) When a resume is faxed, it’s delivered open. So people have to see it just to take it off the fax machine.

JobsByFax ( gets results. One jobs seeker who used JobByFax received 387 phone calls in response to her faxed resume and found a job within 7 days.

About JobsByFax

Based in Virginia Beach, VA, is an online resume distribution company that guarantees job hunters will land a job within 30 days of faxing 1,000+ resumes to potential employers. JobsByFax mission is to quickly, easily, and affordably empower job hunters with the tools needed to market their employment skills directly to the decision makers at companies.


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