Announcing First Ever Computer Burglar Alarm plus System Organizer and Sealer Offered by QCF

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'SOS Banner' & ‘SOS Main’ are new and highly effective weapons in the ongoing fight against computer viruses, spyware, adware, and keylogging onslaughts.

Quick Click Filer ( is pleased to announce the release of its much anticipated 'SOS' software product set. ‘SOS’ is a new and highly effective weapon in the ongoing fight against computer viruses, spyware, adware, keylogging, identity theft onslaughts and acts as a first of its kind personal computer burglar alarm when connected to the internet. A fully functional FREE 30-Day Trial version (or) a registered purchased copy of “SOS” is available at the following download location: 'SOS' is expanding on its previous offering of 'SOS Banner' from QCF and is now providing a software solution that combats the inherent vulnerabilities of your computer’s Operating System to hidden attacks and unlawful entry of computer viruses, hijackware, trojan horses, keyloggers, spyware and adware onto your personal computer. 'SOS' will run on any computer with at least 64 MB RAM and is compatible with all of the current MS Windows Operating Systems.

Malware and viruses have always targeted various loopholes in your personal computer’s defenses. But increasingly, virus writers are targeting security software itself. Some viruses try to block your anti-virus software's efforts to connect to its parent company for critical updates, while others attempt to shut down security applications entirely. Although your computer’s Operating System remains the biggest single source of security holes, researchers are now finding significantly more flaws in the utility programs themselves that we turn to for protecting the Operating System.

According to a September 2005 Yankee Group report that examined government statistics, the number of reported vulnerabilities in security software overtook those reported for the Windows Operating System at the end of 2004. From the beginning of 2004 through May 2005, there were 77 flaws affecting antivirus applications and other security products, increasing at a far faster rate than for Windows.

With newly reported vulnerabilities surfacing almost every day antivirus companies scramble to address their challenging inadequacies. Thankfully Quick Click Filer has arrived on the scene just in the nick of time to bridge this gap with a life raft aptly named ‘System Organizer & Sealer' (or) SOS.

A Powerful Solution

‘SOS’ is a unique user-friendly point-n-click software solution to a long-standing problem not only in virus protection software but also in the MS Windows Operating System as well. ‘SOS’ rescues your computer's Operating System (OS) by 'Organizing it' and 'Sealing it' using a new proprietary database compare algorithm like no other software product currently on the market. ‘SOS’ provides a two pronged 'Sealing' approach to achieve this protection: FIRST it uses the ‘SOS Banner’ application as an alarm system to protect your computer against hidden outside attacks through the Internet, much like a burglar alarm protects your home; NEXT our ‘SOS Main’ application is employed to then quarantine and manage all files ‘added’, ‘deleted’, or ‘changed in size’ at the ‘point-of-attack.’

Additionally ‘SOS Main’ was designed to be a much needed 'Organizing' tool. Currently the only way to display important internal 'Property' information is to right mouse click once on a given filename (in an application similar to MS Windows Explorer), then click on 'Properties', then individually click on each 'Property' value until the desired variable is displayed, (i.e. - Company Name, File Version, Internal Name, Language, Original File Name, Product Name, Product Version, etc). This is a very cumbersome, laborious, and time consuming procedure which should have been corrected and/or streamlined years ago. Hence 'SOS Main' to the rescue, with one click of a button our proprietary software will either selectively enable all internal 'Property' values or disable them. Once 'SOS Main' is in 'Expanded Detail' file format mode, a user only needs to mouse scroll down a given directory to 'AUTOMATICALLY' display all internal 'Property' values without extra input.

Take Action Now

The degree of sophistication that today’s computer attackers and unscrupulous web marketers use to obtain personal and financial information from the millions of unsuspecting computer users should be all the reason you need to take action and protect your computer from unwanted break-ins. The average user can quickly infect and compromise their computer after landing on the wrong website or downloading files such as free music or screensavers from the Internet or from contaminated emails. A single attack can inject hundreds of new files creating slow computer operation and/or disabling your Operating System to the point of inoperability. Or worse, unwanted keylogging programs or secret (Trojan Horse) files buried deep within your computer’s Operating System can monitor your Internet surfing habits and even transmit important private information from your computer to remote locations that can’t be tracked. ‘SOS’ will find and locate these secretly hidden files virtually ‘on-contact’, something no other application is capable of doing today! Why should you wait for another application to perhaps find these secret files sometime later when ‘SOS’ can find them ‘at-the-point-of-attack’ before they can do any harm?

With identity theft & Internet crime becoming increasingly commonplace, ‘SOS’ is truly a necessity in restoring confidence and peace of mind to surf the Internet again. Please visit us at (or) for product information (or) email us and we’ll be more than happy to answer any product or technical questions.

About Quick Click Filer

Quick Click Filer through its website aims to become a one-stop shop for anti-spyware, anti-adware, and anti-virus information and software. The QCF website also offers a 'FREE Ebook' of other software utilities designed to both increase your computer's performance and secure your private information. 'SOS' was developed in partnership with ‘Pennywise Solutions Private Ltd’, also please visit their website at regarding any application needs you may require. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademark property of their respective owners.


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