Hydroqual Validates igxglobal’s Simplified Approach to Web-Based Content Security with the Purchase of Their Secure Proxy/2 Web Content Filtering Service

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“Ockham's Razor,” which is a principle put forth by William of Ockham in the fourteenth century. The literal Latin translates as “entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily." In many cases this is interpreted as keep it simple.

HydroQual, Inc., an environmental consulting services organization, had to address how to achieve the most efficient means of providing application control and content filtering for its employees as well as protecting its network from HTTP-based and IM-based viruses. An in-house proxy appliance had provided this service in 2003; however, rising costs of operation and software maintenance, combined with increasing problems with notebook PC users interacting with networks outside of the office, led the IT Director to adopt igxglobal’s SecureProxy/2 (SP/2) in early 2005.

SP/2 provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective means of providing web content filtering, antivirus protection and popup control from igxglobal’s Secure Operations Center to any user regardless of location. In addition, igxglobal offers its SecureProxy/2 coverage to the home PC’s of interested client employees and their families as part of this plan.

“While Internet security issues are an increasing source of concern, we are also under pressure to allocate our resources as efficiently as possible while minimizing risk to our organization,” said Jim Hallden, the IT Director of HydroQual. “After a couple of years of handling most security issues internally, we realized that it was far better for an organization of our size to look for a partner with dedicated resources in the Internet Security arena to assist us. While it is important for us to understand total Internet security issues, it is proving far more efficient for us to let the security professionals at igxglobal handle our application control and antivirus capabilities. This is particularly true when economies of scale can be leveraged both in terms of knowledge and cost.”

HydroQual already uses igxglobal’s SecureMail/2, which rejects e-mails of bogus origin and viruses upstream of HydroQual’s mail servers, as well as helping to eliminate SPAM. “SP/2 is a logical extension to this service,” said Hallden. “In addition to providing these services outside of the office for our notebook users, the extension of the SP/2 service to our employees and their families is a nice touch. Anything we do to improve security on our employees’ home computers benefits HydroQual both directly and indirectly.

igxglobal had HydroQual’s configuration ready within a few hours of receiving the order, and the SecureProxy/2 service was deployed the following day at HydroQual for limited testing by selected “power users.” The full service was rolled out two days later when the content filtering options had been optimized. “The solution is easy to configure and maintain with igxglobal’s support and the configuration templates that they offered to manage white and black lists,” said Hallden. “Leveraging igxglobal’s technical expertise and the cost benefits of their larger-scale security operations has simplified our security solutions immensely.” William of Ockham would be pleased.”

About Hydroqual

HydroQual, an ENR Environmental 200 firm, is a privately-owned environmental engineering and consulting firm established in 1980. The firm specializes in mathematical modeling to evaluate the fate and transport of pollutants and the effect of their presence in natural water systems, the assessment and optimization of water and wastewater treatment processes, environmental hydrodynamics and sediment transport modeling, natural resource investigations and hydrogeological and engineering services for site remediation. The firm provides a wide range of integrated science and engineering consulting services to public and industrial clients world-wide.

About igxglobal

igxglobal provides solutions that help our clients to develop deploy and sustain an effective long term network and information security practice. We deliver on these solutions by providing our clients with the Intelligence required to make informed decisions, the Products that provide insight and enforcement and the Operations to sustain that desired state of predictability.

These solutions are systematically delivered in our core competencies of:

  •     Threat Mitigation Services.
  •     Security Products.
  •     Professional Services.
  •     Security Operations Services.

It is through our offerings that we address the complex problems and security challenges that our clients are struggling with. Whether your needs warrant pre or post intelligence, or the operation is handled by your resources or ours, igxglobal has the experience, expertise and knowledge to reduce your risk and simplify your approach in order to achieve predictability with security.


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