Candle Size Should Complement Room Dimensions for Best Scent Disbursement

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Find out the best candle size to use based on your room's dimensions. Size does matter.

Just as no two candle scents are alike, neither are rooms in which candles are used. Size does matter when trying to properly distribute the amount of candle scent in any room.

Start by doing a little bit of measuring and math while also exercising trial and error. This will make choosing the ideal candle size and burn time for a room much easier.

But, it’s not so simple that you can just light a larger candle and rely on it to adequately disburse scent in a bigger room. It’s also not correct to assume that a petite votive or pillar candle will be good enough for a significantly smaller room, like a bath.

Leading all natural soy-candle maker, Candles of Eden, says that no more than one candle should be burned within a 10 square foot area because candles need oxygen to burn. Start by reading the directions for your chosen candle, usually found on the candle or jar bottom. The SoyLuscious™ line of all natural soy wax candles , for instance, has been well researched. This allows Candles of Eden to confidently tell consumers that the superior scent disbursement from a SoyLuscious™ soy candle comes from its jars with the widest openings. Candles of Eden has Double Wicked 18-ounce Honey Pot Soy Candles, which work well in a large living room/kitchen area.

In keeping with those findings, it is fair to say that smaller soy candle jars or tins (4 to 6 ounces) will work better for smaller rooms, such as a bath or laundry area, while soy candles of medium size (8 to 10 ounces) are appropriate for rooms of medium size, i.e. bedrooms.

Remember, too, that office buildings with a lot of traffic, high ceilings and wide public spaces have their own factors for scent distribution from candles and the SoyLuscious™ Wickless Alternatives should work best in those areas.

As with all human senses, however, scent preferences in any setting become better through experience. The best way to start is by reading the candle’s instructions, lighting the wick and studying the aroma as time passes.

As with candle size, there are many variables that affect a candle’s scent disbursement, so keep them in mind when testing a new candle. Unlike paraffin, soy candles release scent faster, which means they don’t always need as much burn time to produce the same effect. The room temperature should also be kept constant. A cool room (below 65 degrees F.) will burn much slower, and an 85-degree F. room will have your candle burning faster.

Know, too, that deciphering room size and environmental factors is, in fact, a science. You’ll find that investigation and research are the proper approach to finding the ideal amount of scent for any area.

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