Coastal Vacations Sales Center Credits Retiring Baby Boomers for Aggressive Growth

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Uniquely positioned in the travel and tourism industry, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center offers a home based business opportunity retirees, and soon to be retirees are flocking to in large numbers. As baby boomers retire, they plan to travel even more, and utilize discounts up to 85% with the travel products they market. Others are approaching retirement age short on savings, and are joining the top rated home based business to supplement their income.

If trend experts John Naisbit and Tom Peters are right, the aggressive growth experienced by the Coastal Vacations Sales Center could continue for years to come. They credit much of their success to the desire retiring baby boomers have to travel more, take longer vacations, and earn extra income for their approaching retirement. The Sales Center developed a simple, user friendly marketing system that appeals to baby boomers, and those that do not have the time or sales skills required for success with the traditional business model. The Sales Center has also attracted traditional Coastal business owners who were attracted to the system's wider appeal to this huge target market. Preview the Sales Center system at

Coastal Vacations occupies a unique niche in the travel industry. Members can book luxury condo stays usually reserved for timeshare owners, but Coastal does not sell timeshares. Members can also book complimentary vacations and cruises, but associates are not travel agents. While airlines have filed for bankruptcy protection, and mom and pop travel agencies are going out of business, Coastal associates increased their average profit per sale in 2005.

For over eleven years the Coastal Vacations Board of Directors have committed themselves to building close business relationships with over 32 of the top licensed and bonded travel agencies. They partner with some of the top names in the industry including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, Hilton, and Alamo. With Coastal Vacations, members can enjoy vacations worldwide, including locations like Alaska, Florida, Mexico, Europe, and Hawaii.

Coastal Vacations offers lifetime membership packages of tremendous value. Even their most basic package includes 25 complimentary vacations, 5 bonus cruises, and 20 travel related discount cards. The travel products have been sold a variety of ways. Originally they were offered exclusively by resort property salespeople, but most have been sold by associates who call people interested in starting a home based business. The associates lead their prospects to websites, conference calls, and meetings, then follow up to close the sale and collect the money. Others have simply sold the travel packages to those interested in enjoying the travel savings without an interest in operating the business. For years only those with exceptional sales skills, and the time and tenacity to follow up with prospects for weeks or even months were able to get in a money making position with the Coastal Vacations program.

For over a year now, the Coastal Vacations Sales Center has made this home based business user friendly to non sales types. They are the fastest growing group within the Coastal program, and their business model is fully explained at Questions about the business model are answered on four live conference calls each week. Call information can also be found at the website.

The Sales Center utilizes a user friendly selling system to market travel memberships that have been offered by Coastal Vacations for 11 years. They are uniquely positioned to benefit from three huge ongoing worldwide trends. They are capitalizing on the double digit growth of the largest industry in the world---travel and tourism. As a top rated home based business in the travel industry, they are positioned to continue to benefit from the current home based business revolution. The nature and quality of their products, and the stability of 11 years in business appeal to a large segment of our population that is nearing retirement age.

In the United States, the population between age 55 and 64 will increase 47% from the year 2000 to 2010. In contrast the population segment under age 18 will decrease slightly. The aging baby boomers grew older as technology advanced, but they are not whiz kids. When given a choice between a complex, labor intensive marketing system, and the simplicity of the Sales Center system their decision is an easy one. That is how the Sales Center became the largest worldwide marketer of Coastal Vacations travel products and is now the fastest growing group in the Coastal Vacations program in less than a year.

Coastal Vacations Director and Sales Center Discovery host Dean Marino explained the success; "Our travel products are a great value and in high demand. Over the years people have earned tremendous incomes marketing the products, but most of them are great natural salespeople or at the least very persistent in their follow up. The problem was that others got into the business thinking they did not have to sell, and often got discouraged after they failed to sell to the first 100 or 1000 people they talked to. Statistics show that 95% of the people starting a traditional home based business fail to earn a profit mainly because they can't sell, or don't have the time to be as persistent as they need to be. Our Sales Center system provides tools that have helped these people who previously failed to have success. Our system provides a great flash movie, informative marketing website, and live interactive conference calls. While other systems may provide those three things, our difference is that we provide extensive training so our members can market and advertise the business over 170 ways, and the skilled representatives at our Sales Center offices present and explain the business, answer prospect questions, follow up, close sales, collect the money, and even ship our travel products."

The aging process and pending retirement of baby boomers is a fact that cannot be disputed. The Coastal Vacations Sales Center is capitalizing on that fact as well as the tremendous growth in travel and tourism, and the home based business revolution. These are all trends that are predicted to continue for years to come. The Sales Center then identified the major reasons average people fail when they start a home based business and created a system where those people are able to have success. It's certainly no mystery why they are growing at such an incredible pace, and flying higher than ever.

Additional information about Coastal Vacations travel products and the Coastal Vacations Sales Center business can be found at

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