New Home Improvement Product Eliminates 80% of Household Dirt

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Dirt Drain™, an innovative floor mat system, prevents dirt, mud, snow and debris from entering the home. Some predict Dirt Drain™ will become standard feature in new home construction.

Whether you have one framed or flush mounted, the dirt stays off your shoes, your rugs, your floors and your to-do list

One of life's constant struggles -- keeping carpets, rugs and floors clean -- may now be a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new floor mat system that keeps the dirt outside. Like many great inventions the idea came from solving an everyday problem. Contractor Thomas Foote had just completed his new dream home. And that put his muddy boots at odds with his flooring --and his wife. To protect his relationship and his investment, he used his contractor skills to invent a way to keep the dirt where it belonged, out-of-doors and out-of-sight.

His solution was a flush mounted grate, one that allowed dirt and mud to drop through the industrial strength grid, and onto the ground below. Designed to fit between standard joists of 12", 16" and 24", the new device worked so well that Foote was soon making them for every neighbor, friend or acquaintance that stomped by. Soon after he started Dirt Drain™ International to keep up with the growing demand. The response since has been nothing short of amazing according to Foote. "Once someone has a Dirt Drain™ they wonder how they got by without one. They end up installing them by the front door, back door, garage door... anywhere where dirt and mud get tracked in, because it literally saves their flooring and carpets, not to mention all the clean up."

Many experts would seem to agree. According to the cleaning tips at, "Eighty percent of the dirt in your house walks in through the door on people's feet." That dirt often gets embedded deep in carpet fibers, requiring steam cleaning, or creates the equivalent of sandpaper on wooden surfaces. Foote knows this from practical experience. "As a professional contractor by trade, I'd seen the costly effects of dirt and mud stains on many job sites, and the clean up and replacement gets expensive. It finally occurred to me that the best way to deal with it was to keep it from entering in the first place."

Homebuilders are seizing on the opportunity to spec the Dirt Drain™ as a new "smart home" feature. "It benefits everyone," Foote continues. "It ensures the model home stays clean, and it appeals to new homeowners, who wants to protect their new investment." Foote envisions the Dirt Drain™ as a standard feature in every new home, much as air bags and intermittent wipers are now standard on every car. "It just doesn't make sense to drag mud and debris into a home when it can be left outside."

For those with existing homes, the Dirt Drain™ comes with instructions for cutting into the wood decking or concrete flooring. The cutout opening also provides side benefits such as additional air circulation under the decking and added lighting through basement windows. If customers don't need an even flush mounting, the Dirt Drain™ can also be framed with standard lumber in a matter of minutes. "Whether you have one framed or flush mounted, the dirt stays off your shoes, your rugs, your floors and your to-do list," Foote states. "Anything that keeps my job easier and my wife happier, I'm all for it."

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