Master Imperial Feng Shui Consultant Unveils Childhood Adversity At First Annual Moms Night Out Sponsored By 'Families With Children From China'

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Kwai Lan Chan speaks out about the hardships she confronted during her childhood life in China, giving hope for other baby Chinese girls while giving parents effective Feng Shui education to help ease the transitional period of adoption.

In today’s day and age, it is hard to believe that an estimated 150,000 baby girls are abandoned in China every year, but for Kwai Lan Chan, President of, this statistic really hits home. At birth, instead of being abandoned, Kwai Lan’s mother disguised her as a little boy. No one knew, including her father, that Kwai Lan was a little girl. Because of her very unique experience, Kwai Lan was invited to speak about her life story, raising awareness of the plight of baby girls and their ultimate fate, at the first annual “Moms Night Out” event on February 24th, 2006, between 6:30 to 8:30 pm at South Wilton Place in Los Angeles, California. The event is sponsored by “Families With Children From China,” which was initiated by people in the United States who have adopted Chinese baby girls between the ages of 9 months to 13 years old.    

“I am honored to speak at this event, and shed light on the reasons why girls are abandoned or killed at birth in China,” says Kwai Lan. “Living in China, I feared for my own life because of the fact that I was female.” Kwai Lan adds, “In fact, by the time I had reached my sixth birthday, I had seen numerous baby girls who were killed just because of their gender. I was very aware that I could have faced the same fate if it were not for my courageous mother disguising me as a boy.” Kwai Lan educates people about the adoption processes so they can adopt Chinese baby girls as well as helping her clients learn Feng Shui tactics to enhance the transitional period of bringing adopted children into a new home. The techniques she teaches are commonplace in many traditional Chinese homes. The skills also provide a way for new parents to connect with their new children culturally.

Feng Shui principles are used to enhance the quality of life by aligning the energy of the universe in our homes. At this event, Kwai Lan will be presenting one such technique, called the Feng Shui Transition Method that will help parents create an environment that will welcome their newly adopted children.

According to Kwai Lan, there are 34 different formulas that can be used with the Feng Shui Transition Method. One Feng Shui example is how the child’s bed is situated in their room. Kwai Lan says, “If the bed is set in the right direction according to the child’s birth chart, it can have a huge impact on their transitional period with their new parents, especially if the adopted child is a newborn.”    

To learn more about the Feng Shui Transition Method and other Imperial Feng Shui methods, or the cultural history of China and the adoption processes for Chinese baby girls, please call Kwai Lan at 818.640.6811.

Kwai Lan Chan is the President of She teaches Feng Shui seminars all over the world. She is the only female master in the world who has received the knowledge of Imperial Feng Shui from generations of masters in the Chan Clan family who possessed the secrets of Imperial Court Feng Shui. Chan Clan was once the ruler of ancient China. At the age of 4, Kwai Lan’s father began to pass down the imperial Chan Clan Feng Shui secrets. Her father discovered two years later that Kwai Lan was a girl but he continued to train her to become a Feng Shui Master and kept her concealed as a boy. Kwai Lan’s latest eBook, “Cracking The Feng Shui Code 101” is a compilation of 10 years worth of Feng Shui tips for people to use to attract wealth. She is an Associate Producer for the movie “Your Millionaire Mind” which is dedicated for doctors and nurses. It is due to arrive in theatres January 2007. For additional information about Kwai Lan Chan,, or upcoming films and books, please email Kwai Lan at magicalfengshui @ or visit

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