Readers' Tastes on 9/11 Take Radical Turn -- Best-seller Now Webster Tarpley's '9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA'

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Alternative views on US government role evolve from "let it happen on purpose" to "inside job from start to finish."

Washington, DC (PRWEB) Feb. 21, 2006. For skeptics of the official story of 9/11, the taboo of 2002 has become the cornerstone of 2006: they are now convinced the Twin Towers and Building WTC 7 did not collapse from fire, but were demolished by explosives - an act that could only be carried out from inside the US power structure ( ).

"Against the weight of physical evidence, half-way positions finally have nothing to support them, just like the free-fall collapse of building WTC-7," says John Leonard, who publishes several books on 9/11 under the Progressive Press imprint.

The latest is Webster Griffin Tarpley's "9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA" (2nd edition, January 2006), and it lives up to its uncompromising title. "The demolition of the three towers is the end station with other 9/11 critiques that get that far," Leonard notes. "For Tarpley it is only the opener in his case against the terror oligarchs." ( The real meat is his model of "state-sponsored false-flag terrorism" - a ruling rogue network of moles, patsies, professional killers, a privatized headquarters, and controlled corporate media.

Terror and covert operations are logical necessities, Tarpley says, in order to uphold any regime that serves the interests of the few in the guise of mass democracy. Activist as well as author, he is recently warning that the planned attack on Iran is not due to any nuclear program, but to Iran's planned oil bourse (, which could knock out the underpinnings of the deficit-stretched US dollar. Tarpley is on talk radio at least once a week, with a smooth, erudite delivery that lends credibility to his radical findings. (see

There is a market for the mix. The book has earned 5-star reviews on Amazon (see and

So far this year, the Amazon sales rank for "9/11 Synthetic Terror" has led all other 9/11 exposés, vying with the official report of the 9/11 Commission for first place. A recent ranking:

1,354    9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, by Webster G Tarpley

1,851    The 9/11 Commission Report, by US Government

2,358    Crossing the Rubicon, by Mike Ruppert

3,477    The New Pearl Harbor, by David Ray Griffin

6,761    The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, by David Ray Griffin

11,156    Inside Job, by Jim Marrs

Most of the other alternative 9/11 authors tried Michael Moore's easier path to popularity: criticizing both the Bush regime and the bogeyman of Islamic terrorism, says Leonard. For instance, Noam Chomsky's early hit "9/11" championed the "blowback theory" that 9/11 was repayment for the evils of imperialism. Tarpley refutes this in his chapter "Islamic Fundamentalism: Fostered by US Foreign Policy," in his critique of 9/11 literature, and in recent articles and interviews on the Mohammed cartoon provocation (1).

"The fatal drawback of such double-talk is that it reinforces the enemy images which are the alibi for war on the Middle East," says Tarpley's publisher, who was the first to print any book in English questioning the official narrative. "That title, War on Freedom, had a double meaning: it catered to people who still believed Bush's slogan that America was attacked by people who hated our freedoms - but with a spin that the real war on freedom is from within." It sold 1500 copies a month, with especially strong sales just before the attack on Iraq in spring 2003.

"The War on Freedom" ( skirted "conspiracy theories" like explosions in the towers, but it was quickly followed by "Painful Questions," ( a very different book: large format, replete with color photos of the exploding towers, diagrams, and psychological ideas on the "denial syndrome" of the "sheeple."

Leonard says "9/11 Truthers are bitter about mass peace movements like ANSWER and Move-On, which refuse to tackle the only issue Bush has to push clash of civilizations warfare - and the only one we have to stop it - 9/11."

"9/11 Truth" attracts a wide spectrum of converts with little in common but the awful fear that 9/11 was a covert operation by the US government itself. One such believer is theologian David Ray Griffin, who had no reason at first to doubt the official story. His 2004 book, "The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11" ( is popular for its balanced, logical probing of the competing explanations for 9/11.

Griffin cited "Painful Questions" and concluded, "If it was indeed a controlled demolition, of course, that would mean that the terrorists were able to succeed in their mission to bring down the World Trade Center only because it was an inside job."

Two years, ago, then, ambiguity still ruled, and the meme "terrorist hijackers" still cast its spell even at the cutting edge of "9/11 Truth."

It has now been dispelled by activist historian and intelligence expert Tarpley, a cosmopolitan political operative based near Washington DC - an author who does not start from zero, connecting the dots, but who knew immediately what he was looking at "on the day." His very first book in 1978 ( revealed that Italy's "leftist terrorist Red Brigades" were actually a subsidiary of Western intelligence agencies. In 1992 Tarpley broke the equally provocative story of the Bush family's financing of Adolf Hitler (, and there again his documentation could not be faulted.

"9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA" is certainly his next direct hit, although it belongs to a strange new world where steel buildings don't melt, novice pilots can't outfly the Air Force, cell phones don't work at five miles up, nobody picks a war on America, and "Al-Qaeda" doesn't even exist, except as the Arab legion of a CIA-MI6 army of dupes, doubles and provocateurs. (


(1) The argument of Ch. XIV, in brief: "the 19th century British Arab Bureau, crown purveyors of divide and conquer schemes, hit on xenophobic fundamentalism as the ploy to make the Arabs impossible partners for alliances with any of Britain's rivals" - a practice carried on by the US. Critical review of the literature: in update to 2nd edition, at "The Mohammed Cartoons: Recruiting Europe for Bush’s Attack on Iran:" article at, interview on Jeff Rense, see


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