GCT Announces Pixel Advertising Campaign to Raise Research Completion Financing

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GCT is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at providing interested companies advertising space on gctspace.com through Pixel Advertising. All revenues will be used for completing research aimed at proving that gravity control is possible for the purpose of manned flight.

Since the foundation of Gravity Control Technologies (GCT) the company's only goal has been to either show that gravity can be controlled/interacted with for the purpose of manned flight, or that the technology was not possible. If gravity was in fact engineerable a whole new paradigm of terrestrial and space flight/exploration could begin.

Initial research, started in 1999, consumed over one million dollars and lasted over two years. Some interesting results were achieved and a cohesive theoretical framework established. Now GCT hopes to take the next step and finish research by raising $1,500,000 through Pixel Advertising. "Last year I come upon a website I thought was a great idea. 'The million dollar homepage' was a stroke of genius. And it worked. We briefly flirted with the idea of posting a similar opportunity for GCT but eventually we passed on it because we already had a different financing method underway. I was recently forced to reconsider this position." said Mr. Rozsnyay, CEO of GCT.

GCT is now pleased to announce the new Pixel Advertising initiative aimed at providing interested companies advertising space on gctspace.com. All revenues realized through this program will be used, over the course of the next 18 months, to complete research. "I have spent twenty years seeking to demonstrate that this technology works. If it does, it is going to be a tremendous breakthrough. Those companies that choose to purchase Pixels on our site, and therefore support research completion, will benefit immensely." Mr. Rozsnyay continued.

Altogether 150,000 pixels are offered for purchase in blocks of 10x10, providing a total of 1,500 separate ad spaces if only 10x10 blocks are purchased. Larger blocks are available in multiples of 10x10. Each pixel cost USD 15 dollars. "Since we have less pixels than the million dollar home page, our pixels are more expensive. We must also pay taxes as advertising is considered a form of revenue. If we manage to sell all available pixels, GCT will realize net proceeds of approximately USD 1.5 million.Enough to finish research and finally find out if gravity control can be achieved." added Mr. Rozsnyay.

For this amount GCT will maintain its website for a period of three years, even if research yields negative results within the 18 month timeframe of the project. If positive results are achieved company logos will be online indefinitely. "Just imagine what will happen if our research is successful. Those companies that chose to purchase pixels will be immensely rewarded. Imagine the traffic gctspace.com will receive if we are successful. This will be the only advertising opportunity GCT provides, even if we are successful. We want to see if our ideas in fact can control gravity. We must find out. But we also want to make sure that no single investor looses on this deal. Advertising provides the means to accomplish this. Those who support us will receive ad space for money invested. If nothing else, for the cost of a 10x10 square they get to advertise for three years, which equals to $500 dollars for a year's worth of advertising. This is a historic opportunity. If gravity control is implemented those companies that choose to support research completion will be remembered and will undoubtedly receive returns many fold of their original investment." concluded Mr. Rozsnyay.

Interested companies should visit http://www.gctspace.com for more information and to register to purchase pixels.

About GCT. Gravity Control Technologies is a privately held aerospace research firm developing technological breakthroughs based on Zero Point Field physics, specially manufactured Bose-Einstein Condensate superconductors, and information physics. In addition to our chemistry research we are also pursuing plasma physics aimed at finding a possible means for gravity control. Within this content we study the interactions of plasma fields with the Zero Point Energy Field. To date, over US $1.2 million has been invested in our research. We have been able to establish a comprehensive theoretical framework to illustrate how and why the control of gravity for flight can be accomplished. Some convincing experimental results have also been achieved. Bolstered by these early research results we are now slowly moving unto Phase 2 - laboratory scale demonstration of possible interaction with gravitational fields. For more information please visit our website at http://www.gctspace.com

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