Capital Murder Defendant Released on Bond, Accused of Murdering 7-Year-Old

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Capital Murder Defendant Released on House Arrest, allowed to continue working at law firm, and having continued contact with her sons after allegedly murdering 7 year-old Kayla Allen with an insecticide poison used for pig, sheep, and cattle farms; a granular form of Atroban.

Carolyn Futrell was released on House Arrest after bond was set at $200,000.00 for the defendant in the capital murder of 7 year-old Kayla Yvonne Allen. Futrell is alleged to have murdered Kayla on August 24, 2003. Futrell was arrested on May 20, 2004, nine months later. According to the autopsy report, the cause of death is the imploding of a granular insecticide poison used for pig, sheep, and cattle farms, Atroban, into her stomach, causing her to aspirate the poison into her lungs, bursting the air sacs.

The Child Protective Services had investigated over 13 allegations of abuse of Kayla prior to her death. Onslow County Child Protective Services was unable to substantiate any claims of abuse; Onslow County also has the highest death toll of children than any other county in North Carolina.

One abuse report was taken by the Taylor, Michigan Police Department, wherein 6 year-old Kayla gave the officer detailed explanations for the bruises on her head, arms, and buttocks, stating “Mommy, Aunt Carolyn” did it by beating her head against her dresser, whipping her with a spatula and a spoon, and her arms were covered in finger bruises due to Futrell’s grabbing hold of Kayla as she beat her about her head and buttocks. Child Protective Services in Onslow County NC determined Kayla had received these bruises while roller skating.

According to Futrell’s defense attorney, Rick Miller, “The seriousness of the crime doesn’t predict the defendant will fail to appear in court or commit another crime.” Miller also cited the weight of the evidence stating there had been no confession and no witnesses had come forward.

It is known that Carolyn Futrell was at home, alone with 7 year-old Kayla when Kayla died. There are no witnesses because Kayla is dead. Following Kayla's death, Futrell gave three contradicting statements as to the cause of death.

Miller stated he could not set a court date because he had not received a toxicology report from Carolinas Poison Control. With the aide of Dr. Sudakin, MD, MPH, a toxicologist who is board certified in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine, as well as the subspecialty of Medical Toxicology, it was determined that Atroban 40 & 50, granular insecticide poison had been delivered to Murphy Farms, where Futrell’s relatives had worked.

Kayla was murdered on August 24, 2003, and due to lack of acquiring the single report from Carolinas Poison Control, Miller stated he could not agree to a date for trial. Miller waited 13 months before motioning the courts for discovery documentation that according to Assistant DA Ernest Lee, Miller had already received.

Hope4KidZ, Inc. became aware of Kayla Yvonne Allen’s abuse in Jan. 2003, reported by her Aunt Heather of Michigan. Kayla’s Aunt and Uncle had reported possible abuse of Kayla from the time she was 2 years-old and had an unexplainable black eye. The last report was made one month before Kayla was murdered. Although Heather and Tim had tried to gain custody of their niece, the NC Child Protective Services would not consider them for placement. They had been licensed as foster parents and have two children of their own.

Child Murders are considered the most monstrous of all murders because the victim is a defenseless child.

Hope4KidZ, Inc. stands against Onslow County Judge Lanier’s decision to allow Futrell to bond out of jail and be placed on House Arrest where she will continue to work at the law firm directly across the street from the courthouse.

Hope4KidZ, Inc. is asking for an investigation into why Judge Henry, who had ordered No Bond and has been the sitting judge, had to step down allowing Judge Lanier to set such a low bond in a capital murder case.

According to Hope4KidZ, Inc., allowing Carolyn Futrell to be released from jail on a $20 Grand bond is a gross miscarriage of justice and should not be allowed. She has been charged with murdering one child and, according to Jacksonville Daily News, continues to have access to her young sons.

Cause # 04CRS54837

NC vs. Carolyn Futrell

Onslow County Superior Court

Judicial District 4

Please contact:

District Attorney George Hudson

632 Court Street

Jacksonville, NC 28540


Ed Brown

Sheriffs Department

701 Mill Avenue

Jacksonville, NC 28540

Governor Michael F. Easley

Office of the Governor

20301 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-0301

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