FrameForge 3D Comes to New York City

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A Indie Filmmaker pre-production double-header is coming to NYC late February in two different venues, Media Services Office and the Apple Store SoHo. The main subject to be addressed is planning the most efficient, cost effective production possible. Ethan Markowitz will present two powerful software products, FrameForge 3D Studio Previz Storyboarding - Gorilla Budgeting and scheduling.

An Indie Filmmaker pre-production double-header is scheduled for NYC on Monday, February 27th in two separate venues: the entertainment production services company Media Services and the Apple Store SoHo. Planning the most efficient, cost-effective production possible is the subject of these events. Two powerful software products will be presented: FrameForge 3D Studio Previz Storyboarding and Gorilla Budgeting and Scheduling.

FrameForge® 3D Studio 2, the first multi-camera, optically correct previsualization software for film, video and commercial directors is an essential tool to explore, sharpen and ultimately convey visual concepts to clients, producers and investors, while at the same time acquiring vital production data for cast and crew to make that vision come alive.

Gorilla Budgeting and Scheduling, designed to provide the independent filmmaker or video maker all the tools needed to create, manage and execute the most efficient flow of money in accomplishing media production and has many modules inter-connected each designed to perform a different task.

This presentation will show those in attendance how to save and money by planning what, where and how to shoot BEFORE going live on set.

When and Where: Monday Feb. 27, 2006

10 am – Media Services, 30 West 22nd St. - 5th Floor, New York - NY 10010, Toll Free: 866.414.9615.

2 pm – FrameForge 3D Studio solo, Apple Store SoHo, 103 Prince Street, New York - NY 10012, (212) 226-3126

"I consider FrameForge the finest previsualization software I've ever seen." - Bill Dill, ASC

Step Up To The Power of Previz! ™

The FrameForge ‘Multi-Camera Control Room’ is a virtual film studio allowing users to build rooms and spaces, place cameras, props and actors anywhere with drag-n-drop simplicity. This creates a virtual but true-to-life location in the user’s computer to explore and experiment with multiple camera angles, shots and lenses in an optically accurate 3D world.

FrameForge ships with over 750 unique World Ready™ Objects that work like their real counterparts and intrinsically know how to interact with FF3D actors. Drag an actor to a chair and he sits, drag a gun or cigarette to a hand and will be held, dresser drawers pull open and trees lose their leaves. Further, actor features like ‘reach-for’ and ‘look-at’ simplify posing that can be modified down to a single finger's joint.

Notable Version 2 features include:

– Fast Rendering with OpenGL Hardware Acceleration, Texture Sharing and other optimizations make rendering instant

– Faster Set Building with our unique Room Builder™ that let's you "draw" your set then automatically builds it for you (Windows now, Macintosh soon via free update)

– Redesigned Control Room lets you work more efficiently

– TrueOptix™ optically correct Depth of Field with user controllable f/stop and point of focus;

– Three New Rendering Options: Cartoon, Outline & Sketch

– Completely new, more realistic Actors

o    Easier, Point & Click Posing without visible joint hinges

o    Four Ethnic Types, each with four different faces totaling 32 adult male and female actors and 8 children

o    Full Facial expressions plus facial modifiers and phonemes

o    Body and Facial Morphs (Fat, thin, gaunt face, roman nose, etc.)

o    Can be aged from 20-60 yrs

o    More Hair and Clothing options (including dresses and skirts)

o    More Powerful Posing and Relationship options

o    "Reach For...", "Look at..." and "Match Eyelines" functions

– Exact on-set distance measuring and object placement

– USB Game Pad Interface allows you to control virtually the entire program from a standard 2 joystick USB Game Pad or our high quality Director's Pad* (sold separately)

– Native VRML Object Support with options to create new ‘hinged’ part objects

– Importation and association to scripts of script formatting and popular word processing software

System Requirements:

300MB Free Disk Space

256MB RAM (minimum)


Pentium III 500 Mhz

Windows XP/NT/2000 95 or better


G3 processor 500 MHz or higher

System 10.3 (to run Version 2)

System 9.1 (to run Version 1*)

*Included on CD

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