Oscar Love: New Movie Guide Helps Women Identify Mr. Right

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Just in time for the Oscars -- Dating expert Liz Kelly shares a new Hollywood twist for how to identify Mr. Right faster by watching movies. From the Red Carpet to the Big Screen, Liz’s “Man Code Movie Guide” defines the good guys, bad guys and maybe guys in 2005 films. Smart women are identifying the romantics like Adrian Brody in "King Kong" and running from the bad boys like Owen Wilson in "Wedding Crashers."

Entertain your audience with this amusing movie guide that is helping singles learn about love. Liz Kelly announces a new “Man Code Movie Guide” in her dating book, "Smart Man Hunting," that is helping women identify their Mr. Right. Kelly explains, “You want to go for Mr. Darcy who is the romantic Keeper-of-the-Fire in Pride and Prejudice and avoid the Dysfunctional Guy with Issues like Brendan Fraser in Crash.”

By observing the words, actions and body language of characters in movies, singles can more clearly define their Mr. Right. Liz created 26 man codes for the main personality types from A-Z – all of which can be found in popular films. Avoid wasting weeks, months and years with the wrong guy by using this fun compatibility guide. Recognize the red flags sooner and know when to take a closer look with this new shorthand for singles.

Find out how to handle the Good Guys, Bad Guys and Maybe Guys in 2005 films using this "Man Code Movie Guide":

Good Guys

  • Love Match: Identify a Love Match like Mr. Bingley in "Pride and Prejudice."
  • Virtual Lover: Find a Virtual Lover like John Cusack in "Must Love Dogs."
  • Nourishing Nester: How to find a Nourishing Nester who is loyal, as seen in "March of The Penguins."

Bad Guys

  • Hello Goodbye Guy: Run from Hello Goodbye Guys like Vince Vaughn in "Wedding Crashers."
  • Married But Available - How to be cautious with a Married But Available man like Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line."

Maybe Guys

  • All Sports Fanatic: How to compromise with an All Sports Fanatic like Jimmy Falon in “Fever Pitch.”
  • Guy with Offspring - How to date a Guy With Offspring like Johnny Cash in "Walk the Line."
  • Over-Achiever Obsessor - How to date an Over-Achiever Obsessor like George Clooney in "Good Night and Good Luck."

Total Package

  • Plus…How to identify the total package like Mr. Darcy in "Pride and Prejudice." He's the romantic Keeper-of-the-Fire, Confident Metro Male, and the Bachelor Available with a ring. Liz emphasizes, "It's all about the package. If a guy is emotionally ready for a relationship, that's not enough. You have to find someone who complements you and shares a chemistry connection."

Kelly promises comic relief, dating strategies, and the true stories of people who have used her "Man Code Movie Guide" to find their perfect match.


  • Office Romance Do's and Don’ts that could have helped the secret lovers in "Good Night and Good Luck."
  • Beverly Hills Beauty Tips in her Style Makeover section.
  • How to read the Body Language on the Big Screen that is 80% of communication.

Dating Expert Bio:

Based in Los Angeles amongst the Stars, Liz H. Kelly is a Dating Coach and Author of "Smart Man Hunting: The Fast-Track Dating Guide for Finding Mr. Right" (January 2006). She helps singles boost their numbers, ego and odds of finding a Perfect Match. Her work has been featured on FOX News, Lifetime and BBC Radio, along with being in USA Today, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and The Chicago Tribune. She is a Contributing Writer for Yahoo!Personals, John Gray PhD's MarsVenus.com and Smart Woman magazine.

Producers... Call Liz today in Los Angeles (310-463-4130) to schedule a fun and timely interview. Her "Sexy Smile" move for women will be on USA's Before and Afternoon Movie on February 25th. Visit: http://www.smartmanhunting.com

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