Whitefly (Type Q) Results with New MOA Technology Product - PREV-AM

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ORO AGRI International has just released their latest Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) Type Q results this week at the International Society For Horticultrual Science Symposium 2006. PREV-AM, a broad spectrum Fungicide & Insecticide in one product, has been proven to provide a technology knock-out punch to whitefly (Type Q). (Independent Research).

In the independent research, PREV-AM performed exceptionally well for control of Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) Type Q on tomatoes and zucchini. On the tomato trials, PREV-AM was compared against lambda-cyhalothrin products and was able to attain a 48% initial higher efficacy rate than the lambda-cyhalothrin and a 25% better larvae efficacy rate over the duration of the study. The highest control rate attained on larvae was in excess of 90%.

PREV-AM also performed well against buprofezin products and was able to attain a 13% initial higher larvae kill rate than the buprofezin and a 12% better larvae efficacy kill rate over the study duration. When PREV-AM was applied on Zucchini, PREV-AM attained 31% initial higher larvae kill rate than the buprofezin and ultimately a 99.06% control on the final application.

According to Tomas Hoppe (Phd), an entomologist and presenter of the data "PREV-AM performs on contact with the insects or pathogens by attacking the exoskeletons of Egg-2-Adult™ and Spore-2-hyphae™ stages of insects and diseases, but has no residual effect making it an ideal IPM tool."

Tomas further states that PREV-AM can be used as either a stand-alone, alternating or in combination with other insecticides or fungicides. In other studies, when combined with other insecticide and fungicide products in tank mixes, the 2 Mode-Of-Action approach typically performed much better together than they do alone.

When PREV-AM is added to a tank-mix, PREV-AM provides the initial and immediate physical control effect on insects and fungi. The systemic and or translaminar product then has a physically weakened and smaller remaining population to attack.

Tomas further states that these multiple 100+ page studies (using GAP standards) are consistent with what we have seen in more than 200 independent studies across various vegetable, fruit, nut, and soybean crops. PREV-AM is an EPA registered product for control of such insects as Aphids, Mites, Thrips, Scale, Worms, Whitefly and more. PREV-AM is also, an EPA registered fungicide for control of Blights, Mildews, Rots, Rusts and more.

About Whitefly Type Q

Whiteflies (type B) resulted in US crop losses of more than $2 billion. [ http://news.ucanr.org/newsstorymain.cfm?story=342 . Globally, the number is much higher. With the advent of nicotinoids, the threat was minimized. Recently however, the newer pesticide resistant Whitefly Bemisia tabaci type Q has emerged and may pose the same initial treat to global crops as type B initially did. (Manatee Newsletter - May 2005) [ http://www.oroagri.com/pdfs/Whitefly_TYPE_Q_PressRelease_20060222_Manatee_Newsletter.pdf

About PREV-AM:

ISHS 2006 Summary – Whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum & Bemisia tabaci Type Q):


PREV-AM Questions and Answers:


PREV-AM Label:


PREV-AM will end up in select insect and fungicide products to improve their performance, Oro Agri will continue to distribute PREV-AM as a tank-mix product via Oro Agri’s select distribution partners: Agriliance/Prosource One (USA), Avello (RSA), Britz Fertilizer Inc. (USA), Bio-Works (USA), Triangle/Cardinal (USA), ERINSA (Spain), Plant Protection Sciences (USA), UAP (CAN, USA and RSA), MAPPAC (Thailand, S. Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.), Nufarm (Spain), Nexus (RSA), Plant Solutions (UK), Wilbur Ellis (USA), SurfAgri (FR) and other select distributors.

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