Digital Tuning, Inc. Releases Rtek7™ Stage 2 ECU Upgrade for Second Generation Mazda RX-7

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Rtek7™ Stage 2 ECU Upgrade builds fuel/timing control and datalogging into the stock RX-7 ECU for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone engine management systems.

Digital Tuning, Inc., an industry leader in Palm OS based automotive datalogging systems, is proud to announce the release of the Rtek7™ Stage 2 ECU Upgrade for 2nd Gen RX-7. Building off the stock ECU platform and our Stage 1 upgrades, the Rtek7 Stage 2 ECU Upgrade provides a flexible and very economical engine management system.

"We found there was a gap in the market when it came to engine management." says Mike Montalvo, CEO of Digital Tuning. "There was no upgrade path between $299 fuel controllers and full $1000 stand-alone ECUs. We have bridged that gap with the Rtek7. It provides full fuel and timing adjustability as well as datalogging at a very reasonable price point and without the installation and programming difficulty of a full stand-alone ECU."

The Rtek7 Stage 2 Upgrade features a 100 point fuel correction map, full control of the ECU's internal timing maps, adjustable secondary staging point, presets for commonly used upgraded injector sizes, and datalogging of all engine sensors. The built in serial port enables the user to make adjustments and datalog. All settings are saved in the ECU and are maintained even if the ECU loses power. Since the Rtek7 Stage 2 ECU is based off the stock ECU, it will behave just like a stock ECU, until the user makes chages via the control software. Unlike stand-alone engine management systems, there is virtually no configuration required, and the need to create a basemap just to get the car to idle is eliminated.

The ECU's interface software, based off the proven PocketLOGGER datalogging platform, gives users the ability to make all adjustments to the ECU and view and datalog information conveniently on a Palm OS based PDA. ECU configurations can be saved on the PDA and loaded in the ECU and real-time engine sensor data can be viewed, logged, and displayed at a later time.

"The Rtek7 Stage 2 is a great in-between step for second generation RX-7 enthusiasts that need more than a fuel controller, but don't want or need to step up to the hassle and expense of a full stand-alone ECU." says Montalvo.

The $399 Rtek7 Stage 2 ECU Upgrade is currently available for 87-88 Turbo II RX-7s with versions for other RX-7 models in development.

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About Digital Tuning, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Digital Tuning, Inc. develops affordable leading edge PDA based datalogging solutions and other performance oriented electronics for the automotive and motorcycle markets. Its PocketLOGGER based dataloggers were some of the first PDA based automotive dataloggers on the market and have been continually refined since their introduction in 2001.

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