Placing Cost Effective VoIP Satellite Communication in the Hands of our Emergency First Responders

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Last Mile Networks integrated "Survivable VoIP", and "Remote IP Video" over remote satellite links using state-of-the art IP communications equipment from FreelineUSA, Inc., to enhance emergency communications for First Responders in the State of Washington.

Last Mile Networks highlights the real world capability delivered to the Emergency Management Division of the State of Washington. Last Mile Networks integrated "Survivable VoIP", and "Remote IP Video" over remote satellite links using state-of-the art IP communications equipment from FreelineUSA, Inc., to enhance emergency communications for the State of Washington.

The Emergency Management Division (EMD) of the State of Washington has effectively extended access to public telephone service for emergency responders— through IP Satellite communications from a self contained mobile command post. These unique capabilities allow the EMD team to operate from the middle of the desert, or a mountain top, miles away from any towers or land lines and make telephone calls, record and send live video of the situation on the ground, as well as patch this communications connection to all known State emergency radio frequencies. The mission of the Emergency Management Division in Washington State is to minimize the impact of emergencies and disasters on the people, property, environment, and the economy of Washington State. The EMD Telecommunications Division led by Don Miller, is known for development and deployment of cutting edge communications technologies that cost effectively enhance Public Safety.

Several critical criteria were objectively addressed in development of this innovative communication system now deployed by the Emergency Management Division. Criteria addressed include; Affordability, Availability and Reliability to operate with or without functioning public telecommunications infrastructure, Mobility to ensure the resource can be deployed rapidly to the impacted vicinity, Interoperability both with emergency radio bands now in use in Washington State and remote connectivity to the public telephone network, Securable via VPN, International Connectivity if and when required, Ubiquitous Coverage through satellite communications, provisioning of voice band services, as well as, broadband video service, with built in traffic management for prioritization of broadband data traffic from emergency responder PCs and PDA’s wirelessly connected to the mobile command post. In short, we addressed the key factors identified by the White House Office of Science and Technology to be critical to continuity of our critical communications services.

"New technologies, when cost effective, can enhance Public Safety through helping the dedicated men and women who are our First Responders better serve our citizens in critical emergency events." said Don Miller, Telecommunications and Warning Systems Manager for EMD State of Washington. "Unlike many PTSN based prioritization techniques, our communications technology must stand-alone, and remain fully functional in the case of a state-wide communication failure.” (

Last Mile Networks based in Fall City, WA has been providing high speed voice, data and video solutions for military and enterprise networks since 1990 ( Our key technology provider FreelineUSA, Inc. ( has developed a unique VoIP network architecture to address the need for low cost, and fully survivable, distributed voice networks. Co-existing in a proprietary and standards based environment, FreelineUSA has eliminated any centralized point of failure, such as a softswitch, while supporting point-to-point VPN encryption of sensitive communications. "What does this mean to our end users? —voice networks that stay up, with no single point of network failure, permitting secure, low cost voice communications that are as reliable as the internet itself" said Kevin Shelton of Last Mile Networks. "We are pleased to provide the very best in survivable voice and video communications technology to our critical Government customers."


Don Miller— Telecommunications and Warning Systems Manager

Washington Military Department

Emergency Management Division

Camp Murray, Washington 98430-5122

Telephone: Office (253) 512-7035, Cell (253) 405-9446


Robert Simkavitz— President and CEO

FreelineUSA, Inc.

Telephone: (303) 791-1405


Kevin Shelton— Director Government Sales

Last Mile Networks, Inc.

Telephone: (425) 222-7848 or (800) 837-4180


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