Even Celebrities Need Water

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The Luxury Lounge®, In Honor of The 78th Annual Academy Awards, To Receive Aquabar's Hyrdation Station®

Hot on the heels of the Platinum Guild choosing Aquabar to offer its signature beverages at its “Red Carpet Jewelry Preview” style suite, Mediaplacement Entertainment Communications’ Luxury Lounge® at The Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills has also asked Aquabar to provide one of its Hydration Stations®. Nothing brings more distinction to any business then having the biggest A-Listers in Hollywood using or wearing your product. Thousands of businesses compete every year to get their names on the Oscar gift bags; one of the most expensive party favors in the world. While celebrities and the media examine the latest swag, they will sip on the finest waters and juices from around the world via Aquabar’s Hydration Station®.

The Station featured at the Luxury Lounge® will be a custom-created glass vessel resembling a flowing waterfall designed by CBD Glass Designs of New York, and will hold only the healthiest and most refreshing premium liquids. Aquabar will provide each Luxury Lounge guest with an international selection of premium waters to stay hydrated during their visit, and select guests and media will receive a 3-month supply of Metromint, pure mint water, Volvic Orange & Lemon Twist or a complimentary Hydration Station® service, plus a free dinner for two at Pasadena’s swanky urban lounge--Magnolia. The other beverages in Aquabar’s Hydration Station will include Finé Japanese Artesian Water, San Perrio Spring Water, airforce Nutrisoda®, and Harrogate Spa Water, the official water of Buckingham Palace and England’s Royal Family. Gift bag recipients will also take home Ice Rocks—ice cubes made from spring water for those who seek the same level of purity for the ice cubes they place in their favorite drinks. Added up, Aquabar will provide Luxury Lounge guests with $18,000 worth of the finest hydrating products and services. Invited celebrities, VIPs, and media cannot help but leave the suite even more refreshed than when they arrived.

Aquabar distributes, resells, and markets premium waters, natural juices, special teas, and soft drinks. Through its Hydration Stations®, the company is quickly becoming recognized as a premium water resource for supplying the coolest sips and eye-catching hydration displays for special events. Aquabar caters its services to VIP’s, corporate clients, select retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, spas, and the specialty service industry such as private jet lines and other fine establishments and service providers.

In light of the health issues facing the world today, Aquabar’s mission is to provide only the best beverages for people who are dedicated to their health and well-being. Aquabar offers comprehensive service and meticulously selects each brand based on its purity, health benefit, taste, aesthetic, and value.

To learn more about Aquabar and its Hydration Stations®, please visit http://www.aquabar.ws or contact Jason Boarde at 323-216-2198.

About The Brands

CBD Glass Design provides professional custom designs as well as a vast selection of quality bath products for home and office. CBD studio in Toronto, Canada and New York are fully equipped production facilities with scientific research capabilities. As a result, CBD can offer clients the advantage of in-studio innovations in texture, color, and forms. CBD offer both residential and commercial applications and full-service expertise from inspiration to completion. Website: http://contemporarybathdesign.com/

Magnolia Lounge, Pasadena - Magnolia opens its doors each evening and blends candlelight, stars, maroon flocked wallpaper, and Philippe Starck clear lucite chairs in a beautiful indoor/outdoor setting that features an outdoor fully stocked bar with trendy visuals and sound splashed onto an aesthetically pleasing brick wall. Los Angeles Magazine, in February’s dining section, highlights Magnolia stating the “short list of comfort leaning dishes can hold their heads high” and that the lounge offers a “first-rate wines-by-the-glass list.”

Metromint - A mintwater, pure and simple. No sweeteners. No calories. No preservatives. Nothing but all-natural ingredients: pure, crystal-clear water and fresh peppermint grown in Washington¹s Yakima Valley. Metromint¹s unique combination delivers an exhilarating taste that is rapidly finding an audience among thirsty kids, urban trendsetters, cubicle dwellers, and soccer moms looking for quick refreshment. Winning one of BevNet¹s ³Best of 2004² new product awards and garnering press accolades nationwide, Metromint has been flying off shelves. Metromint provides great taste, rapid refreshment, and a natural way to enliven the senses and calm the body.

Mint stimulates the brain and energizes the senses, while sending cooling sensations throughout the body. The natural menthol in Metromint freshens the breath and can reduce inflammation in the nasal passages and clear congestion related to colds and allergies. Retail value: $4.00 per bottle. Website: http://www.metromint.com

airforce® Nutrisodas® - Combine natural fruit flavors and natural colors with H2O that's been filtered 4 times for extra purity and refreshingly carbonated and you get 7 of the best tasting sodas money can buy. airforce® Nutrisodas® combine meaningful performance levels of leading edge active nutrients like L-Arginine and other amino acids, CoQ10, vitamins, minerals and herbs to help your mind and body achieve balance & optimal performance. airforce® Nutrisodas® are a major upgrade in terms of both taste and health & wellness functional performance. Sold in cases of 12 / 250 ml stylish cans; available flavors: Radiant, Immune, Focus, Flex, Energize, Calm, Slender. Retail value: $1.99 per can. Website: http://www.nutrisoda.com

Volvic - Volvic Natural Spring Water is uniquely sourced from an ancient volcanic region in Auvergne, France, and is sold in 60 countries around the globe. Volvic is one of the best-selling waters in the world, bottled since 1958 at its single and protected source. Volvic Lemon and Orange are infused with a hint of natural lemon and orange essence offering a very refreshing taste. No artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, Volvic lemon and orange are made with Volvic natural spring water and sold in a proprietary 500 ml wide mouth bottle. Retail value: $3 per bottle. Website: http://www.volvic-na.com

Harrogate - The official water of Buckingham Palace and the Royal Family, Harrogate in North Yorkshire is the source of Britain’s original spa water. The town's first well was discovered in 1571 by William Slingsby who christened the town "the English Spa". It was recently utilized by “Her Majesty the Queen” for her Golden Jubilee at Buckingham Palace. The development of the town has been inextricably linked to its wells and the rise and fall in the popularity of 'taking the waters'. During the 1920s Harrogate Spa was the UK 's largest exporter of mineral water, but by the end of the 1970s the water industry had all but vanished. Harrogate Spa water is sourced from water-bearing rocks near the centre of town, 150 feet below the ground. It is renowned for being low in sodium, having a well-balanced mineral content and a slightly sweet flavor. The sparkling water is only lightly carbonated – meaning it can be drunk comfortably in large quantities and goes well with any type of food. The striking design of the glass bottle fits with both traditional and contemporary hotel and restaurant environments. Sold in case of 12 / 750 ml & 24 / 330 ml bottles; available in still and sparkling in chic glass bottles with embossed figurines. Retail value: $6 per bottle. Website: http://www.harrogatespawater.co.uk

FLO…First Liquid Obsession is a Gold Medal Winner of the Berkeley International Spring Water Competition. FLO is a superior spring water that comes to you from a protected natural source at the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. FLO has a distinct taste with a very low mineral content of 160 ppm, and comes in an elegant frosted 375ml personal glass bottle with pull top cork and a stylish foil sleeve. FLO…First Liquid Obsession is the perfect water to make a statement at your dinner table or special occasions. Retail value: $5 per bottle. Website: http://www.aquabar.ws

Finé – A Natural artesian water that has a distinctive yet subtle flavor due to its unique mineral composition and its pristine aquifer located 600m below the Fuji volcanic belt in Japan. From it’s beginnings as rain water, Finé slowly makes it’s way through hundreds of meters of volcanic rock that act as a natural purifying filter and also imbue it with a special blend of minerals that give it, it’s distinct taste before coming to rest in the remote underground aquifer. The Finé water bottled today is over a thousand years old and has never been in contact with man made pollutants that can easily affect mineral waters that come from much shallower wells and springs. Finé offers you drinking water in an unaltered state. With a pH of 7.8, Finé natural artesian water is slightly alkaline and is very low in hard minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium, which can affect the taste of water. It also has one of the highest concentrations of Silica available in commercially bottled water in the world. Silica has been proven to be an essential nutrient, which strengthens and conditions hair and nails, while slowing the aging process in the skin and helping in collagen production as well. With its combination of alkalinity and bicarbonate, drinking Finé water is an excellent way to counter the negative effects of acidic foods so common in our modern diets and to bring the body’s pH levels back to normal levels. Sold in case of 12 / 720 ml bottles. Retail value: $8 per bottle. Website: http://www.eau-fine.com

San Perrio - A carbonated spring water from the Canadian Appalachian mountain range; it has a very low mineral content with only 130 ppm. This excellent bubbly water has a very subtle taste, but very refreshing at the same time. Its blue elegant bottle makes it a perfect choice for fine dining. Sold in cases of 12 / 750 ml bottles; comes in chic blue bottle in carbonated or spring. Retail value: $6 per bottle. Website: http://www.aquabar.ws

Who's Your Daddy - The King of Energy is a dietary supplement designed to energize and improve mental performance while increasing concentration, alertness and physical endurance. It's unique cranberry-pineapple flavor is packed with taurine and caffeine and is available in both an original and a sugar-free formula. Who's Your Daddy. King of Energy_ outpaces all the competition in both flavor tests and name recognition. Arrogantly humorous, everyone wants to know "Who's Your Daddy.!" Retail Price: $2.99 per pack. Website: http://www.whosyourdaddyinc.com

Ice Rocks® are a secured ice cube product made from spring water for the luxury market. Savvy consumers seek the same level of purity for the ice cubes they place in their favorite beverages. These cubes, to be consumed within two (2) years, are hermetically packaged in disposable, recyclable containers, providing the user with a complete guarantee with regard to hygiene and safety, while respecting the environment. Ice RocksS® uses a patented technology, providing a container of refreshing ice cubes that are pure and hygienic. Sold in cases of 750 ml boxes / Low mineral content / 32 cubes per box; spring water secure ice cubes with plastic eco-friendly casing / 16 boxes per case. Retail value: $5.50 per box. Website: http://www.icerocks.com

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