New Pure Drinking Water from the Air We Breathe

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Global Water LTD in strategic alliance with AUCMA of China, announce the upcoming availability of water generators soon.

Global Water LTD in strategic alliance with AUCMA of China, announce the upcoming availability of water generators soon.

Many major breakthroughs and scientific advancements are the result of hard work, diligence, and attention to detail. Others are the result of luck, hunches, and being in the right place at the right time. The invention of the water generators is no exception and contains elements of both luck and hard work.

The inventors of the water generator concept are Daniel R. Engel and Matthew E. Clasby, Jr. The story of their invention begins in 1987 on an unusually hot, humid and somewhat frustrating summer day at a steel mill in Beaumont, Texas. Matt and Dan were working as technical repair engineers and their primary responsibility was to be available on short notice for emergency repairs within the plant.

On this particular day, Matt received a phone call summoning them to an emergency in one of the fabrication buildings, a long massive structure with one side open to the outdoors. They gathered the necessary equipment and drove the repair vehicle to the emergency site. They both knew the structure well.

It was large enough to house 2 or 3 jumbo jets simultaneously. Matt said they were lucky this time, the required repairs were located on the mechanical assemblies of a conveyor belt only 20 to 25 feet above the ground, not high overhead. Work "high overhead" literally meant working at elevations several stories above the ground.

As they drove into the building, Dan noticed the windshield was getting drenched with water. They both looked around to determine who was spraying their vehicle with water, assuming it must be some kind of practical joke. They exited the repair truck and immediately noticed the entire building floor was also covered with water. Matt and Dan both suddenly realized that water was mysteriously falling inside the massive structure —it was literally raining inside the building. The feeling of the cool wet water was refreshing and Dan immediately spread his arms outward palms up catching the rain.

They both began to laugh and soon realized all the workers in the building were also enjoying this strange event. They sat down to enjoy this light to medium shower now raining down upon them. How could this happen was the next question? The hanger was used to house steel that had been heated to a liquefying temperature of 3200 degrees and then formed and shaped. The hot formed and shaped steel was spread throughout the length of the building, cooling on the conveyors. It seems that the heat from the steel was mixing with the humid outdoor air currents passing through the building causing it to rain right there inside the building—a steady light to medium rain for several minutes. As they sat there, rapidly becoming soaked, Dan speculated on different ways they could somehow put this rain in a box.

They then discussed how this could benefit the people of the world to have consistent access to an unlimited supply of fresh water. That was the very beginning of the water project. After that summer of 1987, Matt and Dan started making notes and had several meetings to discuss ways to recreate this water making miracle. They began by conducting experiments to re-create the conditions they had witnessed in the large building. They tried different ways to introduce streams of air into a box and collect the water produced. They investigated various technologies, materials, and systems but were unable to produce a working model using the air flow concept they had observed. Watching it rain inside a massive building spawned the first thoughts of extracting fresh clean drinking water from moisture in the atmosphere. When they sat down and analyzed the situation, they realized that the cool air flowing through the building was coming in contact with the hot metal suspended on the conveyors. This contact of cool air on hot steel caused condensation to occur on such a large scale that it caused the rain to fall inside the building.

Matt and Dan eventually began to experiment with a refrigeration means to condense water, and the process worked. In early 1989 the two began building prototypes. They worked out of Dan's garage and conducted extensive research. They experimented with hundreds of different types of parts and materials in multiple configurations. They tried wood, Plexiglas, fishing line, temperature controls, condensers, evaporators, complex chemicals, and even common household items.

On November 9, 1993 they were granted a US Patent on their atmospheric water generator. On June 29, 2004 they were granted a second patent, US “and” foreign with world wide rights. Finally Dan and Matt realized another part of their dream. Through Global Water LTD, and in strategic alliance with AUCMA of China, their water generators are now being manufactured to provide the world with an unlimited supply of pure fresh drinking water. The web site is: The Rainbox water generator is currently made in various sizes including one model that makes 1500 gallons of water per day.

Daniel R Engel is a resident of Cleveland Ohio and Matthew E. Clasby Jr. is a resident of Orange Texas.


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