Secrets of a Leadership Coach Guidebook Is a New Book by Marshall Goldsmith, one of the World's Top CEO Coaches

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This book reveals the techniques used with top executives around the world.

Marshall Goldsmith and his collaborators have released a text edition of his acclaimed Secrets of a Leadership Coach CD. This enables those readers who prefer books to obtain the same program, including the interactive personal program development, in workbook format.

Marshall Goldsmith has been ranked in the Wall Street Journal as one of the "Top 10" consultants in the field of executive development. His work has received national recognition from the Institute for Management Studies, the American Management Association, the American Society for Training and Development and the Human Resource Planning Society. Marshall is one of a select few consultants who has been asked to work with over 50 major CEOs. His clients have included corporations, such as: 3M, Accenture, American Express, AHP, Aventis, Boeing, CalPERS, Chase Bank, GE, General Mills, Glaxo SmithKline, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, McKinsey, Motorola, Pitney Bowes, Southern Company, Sun Microsystems, Thomson, UBS, and Weyerhaeuser.

This program is available in the following formats:

--Web-based on the UniversityOfHealthCare/UniversityOfBusiness website at
--CD-ROM, Manual/CD-ROM combination, or Library Edition Manual/CD combination, or text-only Secrets of a Leadership Coach Guidebook (ISBN 1594912351) at or (Retailers may obtain from Atlas Books, Ingram, or Baker and Taylor.)

--Group licensing for a corporate Learning Management System

The program has the following courses:

--1 Executive Coaching Techniques

--2 Developing Ourselves as Leaders

--3 Developing Others

--4 Developing a Team

--5 Practice and Assessments (This uses the techniques explained in the four earlier courses to help the learner interactively develop a personal action plan. Most readers find that course 5 is important in helping them pull the concepts of the other courses together in an interactive way and is highly recommended.)

The Secrets of a Leadership Coach Guidebook differs from the CDs by combining all the courses into one book.

UniversityOfHealthCare/UniversityOfBusiness is a total e-learning solutions provider for management and healthcare. Its services include implementation of a learning management system, consulting, hundreds of web-based courses, and manual and CD publishing. For example, it has unique series on Bioterrorism, JCAHO and OSHA compliance, HIPAA training, Leadership, Pharmaceuticals, and much more.The UniversityOfHealthCare/UniversityOfBusiness website is and the CD/book catalog is at That page has a link to slide shows of screen shots from the courses.


"Secrets of a Leadership Coach is an outstanding presentation of principles of leadership based on sound psychological and management theory and research. It employs programming that enabled me to interact with the subject matter and become actively involved in the learning process. Every potential user, from the sophisticated manager to the novice, will find this CD engaging and useful. It is the best CD I have seen on the subject."

Seymour Feshbach, Former Chairman, Dept. of Psychology, UCLA

"Secrets of a Leadership Coach is a wonderful product. Even after being coached by one of the authors, I benefited from and enjoyed the CD. The video segments make it lively. I particularly enjoyed the video role-plays at the end of each section. The different formats used in questions kept me engaged in the learning process. In summary, this is an innovative idea for training with modern tools, and it helped me become a better manager."

Vipul Chitalia, Worldwide Business Development Manager at Agilent Technologies


The book/CD version was given four stars by in the following review:

Successful people do not need to learn what to do to be an effective leader as much as they need to learn what and when to stop! With a book, a Windows-based computer, an interactive CD, and a unique user code to unlock the program, in Secrets of a Leadership Coach Manual authors Farb, Goldsmith, Gordon, and Coffey provide five courses to present leadership coaching ideas that develop leaders, help leaders develop others, and help leaders develop teams.

The CD chapter introductions include additional information not in the book. In some lessons, the CD chapters are in a different order than in the book. Despite this unrelatedness, video clips from live workshops, animation, review questions after each main course segment, reviews of key points, and all CD parts repeat and enhance the book for a purposeful learning experience. The CD also adapts to help disabled people more easily access information. When CD text is identical to the audio soundtrack in the video, the learners can choose their learning preference: listen to the soundtrack if auditory or read the soundtrack text if visual. Sometimes, the CD requires the visual learner to listen to a video soundtrack. The learner is regularly fully engaged in a participative learning experience with the CD.

Secrets of a Leadership Coach 3, Developing Others, details eight steps on how to coach others. The steps use a distinctive feedback process which Marshall calls feedforward. "Feedforward occurs when a person gives someone else suggestions for the future and helps as much as he or she can." Feedforward in Secrets of a Leadership Coach 3 reinforces the same point made in Secrets of a Leadership Coach 2, Developing Ourselves as Leaders. The third of the eight steps is Collect Feedback, which directs the leader to encourage people to state their feedback in the feedforward mode. While the CD program states, "You don't have to have forms; you don't have to have processes," in clarifying this step, the book omits this possible relevant point. Research supports that feedforward produces more positive action in both the sender and receiver than feedback.

In the five courses: Executive Coaching Techniques, Developing Ourselves as Leaders, Developing Others, Developing a Team, and Practice Files, either a beginner or experienced leader is in a learning environment similar to being in a live, participative workshop with the added benefit of being able to repeat the information as much as desired. The CD course provides ample extra discussion and together the set makes for a useful and relevant tool.

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