Fireplace Mantels and Original Fireplace Designs Invoke the Old-World Elegance of Italian Custom Stone

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Fireplace Mantels made of Scagliola and Original Fireplace Designs from Award Winning Designer Thierry Francois of Stone Age Designs provide a Contemporary Renaissance Look to the Home and the Elegance of Italian Custom Stone. While some Designers are Mining Paris for Antiques, Francois is Turning to the Elegance of Contemporary Scagliola Stone Fireplace Mantels, Custom Stone Fireplace Mantels, and Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels to Create the Contemporary Designs of Today that have the Look of the Renaissance, and Francois is Using the same Scagliola Created by 15th Century Italians Monks.

Fireplace mantels and original fireplace designs are produced using Scagliola by award winning Designer Thierry Francois. Custom stone fireplace mantels invoke a contemporary Renaissance look to the home with the elegance of Italian Custom Stone. While some designers are mining Paris for antiques, Francois is turning to the elegance of contemporary Scagliola Stone fireplace mantels, custom stone fireplace mantels, and cast stone fireplace mantels to create the contemporary designs of today that have the look of the Renaissance, and Francois is using the same Scagliola created by 15th Century Italian Monks.

Thierry Francois is also developing Scagliola custom stone kitchen hoods as well as cast stone accents for exteriors, interiors, as well as arches, columns, pedestals, staircases, and even Scagliola waterfalls for the home that all bring home the warmth of the Italian Renaissance.

Today, those searching for the Contemporary Renaissance feel and elegance of Scagliola are finding Stone Age Designs on the Internet at and at showrooms in Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Winter Park, Florida.

Visitors from across the U.S. have only to “mine” from their computer to visit the Online Showroom. See fireplace mantels like the “Toulouse” and cast stone fireplace mantels like the Marie Antoinette
The Scagliola Stone Collection by Thierry Francois may also include a custom fireplace design that is created just for you and your home, or office.

There is an explosion of interest in Scagliola, and Stone Age Designs is most often asked, "What is Scagliola?" Scagliola, dates back to the 15th Century when it was first created by Italian Monks near the Italian city of Capri. Creating Scagliola Stone is a technique of blending and inlaying marble powders and pigments producing a marble-like surface that resembles a painting while the designs can range from classic to modern.

Thierry Francois has developed his own “secret recipe” for Scagliola, and that “secret Scagliola recipe” is coveted by the industry. The Scagliola Stone of Stone Age Designs separates our Scagliola from all the other manufacturers, and, “I know my recipe,” says Francois, “I spent years in researching how to combine the gypsum, granite, limestone, and travertine into our own, unique blend.”

“Our technique allows us the flexibility to hand-carve our Scagliola for very special projects, and our exclusive technique provides a sense of old-world elegance because it layered which gives it the look of authentic custom stone.”

“We have so much artistic freedom today,” says Francois because “we can create what we see in the mind’s eye with the molds we create or from the designs of the past. We can also work from CAD drawings to create one-of-kind pieces in our own precious Scagliola Stone.”

The creation of Scagliola Stone Fireplace mantels, stove hoods ad accents is a precise system of blending and layering that is a highly guarded secret process. This combination is beautiful because it can be also be polished to produce custom stone fireplace mantels as well as custom stone kitchen hoods, and cast stone kitchen hoods that are not nearly as costly as hand-carved stone.

The Scagliola of Stone Age Designs is easy to use, and easy to install in the home, or in the office, and the design possibilities are limited only to the imagination. Stone Age Designs’ Scagliola has the look and feel of hand-carved quarry stones and the elegance of the Italian Renaissance.

Visit Stone Age Designs at and see the beautiful Scagliola Stone Collection of Thierry Francois, and you will find a one of a kind Showcase for Stone Fireplace Mantels and Surrounds, Stone Kitchen Hoods, Stone Stove Hoods, Stone Accents, Arches, Columns, Pedestals, and Statues. Architects, both Commercial and Residential, are even moving to Stone Age Designs’ Scagliola for Stone Fountains, Moldings, Arches, even Spiral Staircases, Lion Heads, and Waterfalls.

About Stone Age Designs:

Since 1997, Stone Age Designs own Scagliola Stone Collection by Thierry Francois has been Showcased around the world as the company crafts antique-looking Scagliola Stone Fireplace Mantels, Scagliola Stone Kitchen Hoods, and architectural details. Their secret mixture of crushed marble, limestone, and travertine is becoming the market leader in Scagliola, or “Scaglia” which was originally manufactured by Italian Monks in the 17th Century.


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