USD$1M Pixels Sales in 100 Days Australia Challenge -- A Trail Blazer -- Challenge to Make History with Good Causes

Share Article introduces a unique concept to the Internet by riding on the popular trend of pixels advertising with a challenge to raising USD$1M from Pixels ads sales in 100 days. The Australia Challenge campaign is launched with the aim to discretionarily make available between 70%-80% of the advertising dollars in entrepreneurial & charitable causes once the challenge is met.

A new trail blazer website has taken pixel advertising, the latest marketing craze, to a whole new level by challenging anyone who have affinity to Australia and the needy to purchase pixels through the site. With the 100 Days Australia Challenge Trail Blaizer Milliondollarhp site, advertisers now can purchase their pixel advertisements at US$100 per block (100 pixels) by targeting a young generation of Internet users who increasingly shop and mingle online.

At press time, the astounding success of the first 1M pixels ads site by Alex Tew, filled in just over four months; have attracted over 1000 others like concept-sites being launched in various forms globally.

"The challenge for this Australian based initiative is to meet the pixels sales target of US$1M in 100days or less as the world first and to have over US$0.5M made available for entrepreneurial & educational causes in Australia, should the challenge be met."

Business Consultant and engineer, Hun Lim, came up with the concept for the 100 days Australia Challenge milliondollarhp after seeing the success Alex Tew has enjoyed with his innovative pixel advertising site, the MillionDollarHomepage. "Alex Tew inspired me to take the pixel ads idea further by challenging people to participate to achieve the target to make history in record time, knowing that majority of their ads spending will be used in helping the generations of our days," Lim said. "I am very passionate about being able to mentor and coach young people of my generation in entrepreneurial endeavours. For this reason, apart from 10-15% charitable allocations, a further 10-15% of the ads revenue on top of the entrepreneurial allocations would be made available as seed funds to young people needing fund and guidance for educational or start-up efforts," Lim said.

"Given that no one has done it in less than 100 days as yet; it would be an interesting self-imposed target. This is also very unique in that 70-80% of the advertising dollars received would be given to designated charitable causes and funding for young entrepreneurial causes should the target be met in time."

The targeted charitable causes include mostly social, kids and young people charities. These discretionary donations may include the likes of Kids Hope Australia of World Vision, Make Poverty History, The Red Cross Local Relief, Victorian Homework Clubs, Children Fund, Clayton Festival, Partners International, Local Church Community projects and other more pressing relief required nationally as deemed fit.

All types of businesses, particularly those targeting young, internet-savvy adults, are invited to purchase pixels through the 100 days Australia Challenge Trail Blazer Milliondollarhp (MDHP) site. These pixels ads will be listed on the site for at least 5 years and kept life as long as practicable.

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The 100 days Australia Challenge ( was established in February 2006 as a new Web-based ads click-through site that merges the concepts of pixels advertising and funding community & social concerns. The site is like the original pixels site in every sense except that it aims to achieve similar revenue target in 100days or less. It is not a charitable site but aims to allocate over USD700k of its revenue to designated community & charitable causes, should the challenge be met. It is free to people who are interested in helping others from throughout the world, all they need to do is to find a business to sponsor some pixels. Interested businesses also have the opportunity to participate by purchasing advertising pixels space directly.


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