300,000 Visits so Far, Can this Website Actually Get One Billion Page Views?

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A Web site that started out as an ambitious bet is proving so popular in the first few months, it could actually get one billion hits.

A Web site that started out as an ambitious bet is proving so popular in the first few months, it could actually get one billion hits.

You may have heard about http://www.onebillionpageviews.com recently in the national news, on February 5 2006, we covered the story at http://news.yahoo.com/s/prweb/20060205/bs_prweb/prweb341973_1 when a group of webmasters were shocked that a website which started out as a bet could actually get 30,000 visits without the owner spending any money on actually marketing it, well guess what? just a few weeks later and there are now more than 300,000 visits to the website and growing at an enormous rate.

Quoting from the homepage, AJ says, "ThePixelWebsite.com grew from nothing to 200,000 hits in the first week of being online, over a game of snooker, I just happened to be boasting about it to my friends, which later turned into a debate on how websites work and how to promote them...one of them challenged me, and I love a good challenge, they bet me and said they would gladly give me £1000 if I could make a site that gets One Billion Hits. There was one major clause, I cannot spend a penny in marketing the website, just me, my laptop and nothing else. We all know I could simply put a refresh tag in and leave my laptop on for a month. so I told him I would get 1 billion unique hits just to prove it can be done."

"I'm looking forward to the growth of the website, our Alexa.com ranking is huge and on a constant upward curve, Google just gave us a page rank 5 which I'm over the moon about, I also completely changed the design of the website this month, it's much better like this, the old design was very plain & simple, I didn't think the site would grow so quickly so I stayed up all night and got the revamp done, the new design features a friends page, press page, comments etc, my blog posts are now added to the front page as well. it's all up & up from here onwards," said AJ. "It's also a shock to me how supportive people can be, it's like there is now a community behind the website supporting it, I read comments on the guestbook everyday & the amount of new people showing their support is amazing, I want to use this opportunity to thank Jon W, Sue, Dave & all the other people & websites supporting us, without you, this would simply be impossible, it's a team effort & I will never take full credit for this."

OneBillionPageViews.com now offer a unique link exchange opportunity, they allow supporting websites to appear on their homepage & links page on a tier based scheme, the sites that referrer the most traffic to them appear as number one & so on. It's become more of a game to webmasters, each seeing who can get their website the highest in the list beating all the others, we spoke to one of the webmasters that took part in this & they were shocked at the amount of traffic they got back from the website, they have now added a front page banner to OneBillionPageViews.com in the hope of staying as the top referrer, "No one can take us of the top spot, we are the best," they commented. Any website that wants to get a huge amount of traffic back to their website can now visit http://www.onebillionpageviews.com/links/webmaster.php and add their website link FREE OF CHARGE, any free advertising is always a good thing, especially on a huge & expanding website like http://www.onebillionpageviews.com, will you make the top spot?

So far, OneBillionPageViews.com has been featured in The Chronicle, New Nation, Yahoo.com (Yahoo News), DavesDaily.com, Face-Pic.com, Pocket-Lint.co.uk, "I hope to be featured in The Sun, The Daily Mirror, New York Times, The BBC & other quality press, those are my current goals" AJ comments.

AJ also runs numerous other websites, some of which are extremely popular, however, OneBillionPageViews.com is set to be his most viewed site yet.


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