Funny Videos Compiled By “Get Er Done” Attitude

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Southern webmaster spearheads funny video compilation project.

The internet very often is neither funny nor pleasant. It’s rife with viruses, spam, credit card fraud, identity theft and the unwelcome invasion of offensive images. But now, thanks to the “get er done” attitude of Funny Web, the internet is a little nicer, a bit warmer and a lot funnier.

FunnyWeb allows anyone to watch a wonderfully wide array of funny videos simply by getting on the internet. Founder and President Jack Somers believes this is just the natural evolution of goofy antics.

“There’s an amazing supply of this stuff,” says Somers, “It’s good, innocent entertainment, and for the typical individual to be able to easily access it for free, something had to be done. I decided to be the guy to ‘get er done’.” Somers, 24, says he drew inspiration from Larry The Cable Guy.

If there’s one thing we know about the North American viewing audience, it’s that there is an unquenchable thirst for hilarious and outrageous videos. The long running success of America’s Funniest Home Videos and the immense popularity of Jackass the TV Show, The Movie and The DVD prove that people never get tired of watching other people act silly, risk their necks or simply make ridiculous fools of themselves.

Funny Web Videos has been online since January 23rd of this year and Somers is still improving and adding to the content. Right now there are around 400 videos with 25 or more being added every week. Somers says that the emergence of contextual based advertising from companies such as Google and Yahoo have allowed him to offer this service for free, without annoying his visitors with popup ads or something similar.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to vote for the clip they consider the funniest. In the top eight right now is a gut-busting assemblage of boisterously funny videos. Topping the list recently was a submitted piece of tape, titled "He Kicked Him," beautiful in its simplicity, devastatingly funny in its charm: A young child (5 or 6-years old) describes a fight he’s seen in which one unfortunate man receives a foot to an unprotected part of his anatomy. We’re not giving away the punch line here, but when you see it, you will definitely want to refer it to your friends.

This site promises that it will not carry tape of any event in which a person or animal is seriously injured. But if the video is funny and the participants are just slightly bruised, it’s a candidate for the site. Incident With a Razor Scooter fits in that category. Somers says all the videos on his site are work safe and encourages visitors to report any offensive or undesirable material.

Traditionally, the unpredictable relationship between man and animal has provided volumes of irresistible video and this site is no exception. "Baby Playing With Cat," one of the funny baby videos is worth at least a couple of plays, especially for the tot’s unforgettable reaction. A similar video, entitled "Baby and Cat" proves that you can lead a cat to water but you can’t… well you’ll just have to see for yourself!

No self-respecting website specializing in funny videos could consider itself viable without a healthy collection of funny stuff involving dogs. Appropriately, this site is very canine friendly. Check out the brilliant commercial for Bridgestone Tires, one of the many funny commercials on the site. Who would have thought a dog was capable of such a wide range of acting skills? The funny commercials section is probably the most popular on the site.

This will be the site to which people will direct their friends to see the TV spot that everyone is raving about. Take "Hank", for example. This is a commercial from Starbucks. The coffee company wants you to know what a brilliant start to the day you can have just by sipping some of their product. It’s hilarious!

And if most of us on the western side of the planet get certain pleasure watching recorded images of strangers pushing the envelope on their normally constrained lives, it’s also true that we like to see ourselves replayed in our own moments of infamy. reaps its images from a wide variety of sources. Recordings are collected from Google Video, You Tube, Revver and other video upload services. Somers encourages anyone to send in their own favorite embarrassing or side splitting pieces of footage.

"If you want to have your video put on the site, there are a number of ways to do that,” says Somers, “The easiest is to go to, upload your video, and then send us the link to where your video is located. We’ll do our best to ‘get er done’ from there, and put it up on the site.”

The internet, like our newspapers, radio and television, is too often filled with all the bad stuff from our world. Somers hopes to change all that with With a little ‘get er done’ attitude and a lot of courage, he hopes to bring some positive entertainment to the masses.

Mr. Somers would be pleased to provide any further information on his website. He can be reached at 501-247-6536.


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