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How many times have you been caught victim of a bogged down computer or an unsolicited advertisement due to Spyware? The industry is seeing rapid changes, and now eliminating Spyware is one of them.

How many times have you been caught victim of a bogged down computer or an unsolicited advertisement due to Spyware? Spyware has been a thorn in the foot since inception, and with spyware leaders taking new steps and strides for distribution, we must create a system which software developers and advertisers can mutually agree on while also keeping the consumer satisfied. Having your software inundate users with pop-ups isn’t exactly the most glamorous method to increasing popularity, what if we could eliminate these intrusive advertising methods while still allowing developers to earn a return from their free software?

onCommercial, located in Santa Barbara, Ca, has introduced a new system that will effectively begin the process of eradicating spyware from our industry. “We have created an innovative and very profitable solution for developers to use to not only supplement their income, but drive them away from poor advertising mediums such as Spyware,” says onCommercials CEO Alasdair Forsythe. “The first step to stopping spyware is to create a healthy alternative for all parties: publishers, advertisers, and the consumer.”

Software developers use onCommercials code to display commercials during the loading process of their software. Each time the application is started a commercial will be shown, dynamically chosen by onCommercials serving technology. “At no time will a commercial be displayed when the respective software is not being run. We understand the frustration involved with Spyware and mean to alleviate it,” says Forsythe. onCommercials technology encompasses anything from static commercials, to full blown video commercials with audio. Software developers will earn up to 60% of generated revenue from these advertisements, and advertisers are given a very generous 640x480 pixel canvas to work with.

According to Forsythe, onCommercial will never collect any other information than impressions and clicks statistics. “A user’s privacy is just that, their privacy. onCommercial will never collect personal information, and users will always be completely informed of any information or statistics that are collected.”

By allowing developers to use onCommercials services, developers can make great advances to the distribution of their software by keeping users happy, aiding in the move to a better advertising solution, and creating a Spyware free world.

Visit http://www.oncommercial.com for more information.


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