Leadership Is Dead, Says Local Workshop Leader; 'It’s Time For Each Of Us To Be The Change We Seek—And Create A New Revolution For The 21st Century'

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Former leadership trainer, Michael Skye of the Vision Force Academy, declares, "Leadership Is Dead," and begins a grassroots campaign to train the New Revolutionaries how to "be the change" we need in the world. Skye says this event is for everyone from all walks of life who are committed to causing real change in the world, starting first with themselves. This workshop will provide concepts and tools for the New Revolutionaries.

“You’d change the world if you could,” asserts Michael Skye, Founder and CEO of the Vision Force Academy, “and you do change the world in some very meaningful ways--in your family, your workplace, your community. Most of us do. We’re doing our part, so why aren’t our leaders doing theirs?”

“Let’s face it,” Skye continues, “With so much war, crime, poverty, disease, pollution, hunger, terrorism, addiction, depression—choose your societal ill—things aren’t working as they should. These are enormous problems and mostly they’re only getting worse. It’s overwhelming. So is it any wonder why we start blaming things on some authority figure or prominent group—Democrats, Republicans, corporate America, environmental-ists, terrorists, Left-wing academics, Right-wing fundamentalists, Israelis, Palestinians, and so on…ad nauseum?”

Yet as soon as we place the responsibility on someone “else,” Skye argues, we’ve lost our power to affect change. And, mainly out of desperation, we experience even more anger, frustration, fear, tension, retaliation, cynicism and despair.

“What if we moved beyond this leader-follower dynamic and came to realize the incredible difference that one person truly can make?” Skye asks. “If leadership were dead, would you rise up to ‘be the one’ for your family, your company and community in bold, creative new ways? Of course you would. That’s who you are.” His optimism is infectious.

The fundamental message: it’s time for a revolution in the way we as human beings think, speak and live. We don’t just need “good” citizens, “good” employees and “good” parents anymore.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we need people willing to take a stand for what is possible in times of challenge and controversy. We need people who will bring about a “revolution” in our workplaces, our families, our schools and our communities. And more importantly, people willing to look where the revolution begins—within.

Skye’s new workshop, titled “Leadership Is Dead: A Call To The New Revolutionaries,” introduces participants to a provocative dialogue on transforming our world—starting with ourselves—and is open to anyone interested causing positive change. Those who attend, Skye promises, will learn practical tools to truly “be the change” they seek.

And more importantly, participants will leave not with “the” answer, but with deep questions, piercing insights, and inspiring new possibilities. Tickets are $35 at the door, $25 in advance. $10 for students, seniors and non-profit employees. Free tickets for all Katrina victims, donors and volunteers. RSVP required.

Leadership Is Dead: A Call To The New Revolutionaries Saturday, March 4, 2006, Crowne Plaza, Executive Meeting Center 500 North IH 35, Austin TX 78701 10:00am – 5:30pm. Seating is limited. Registration 9:30am. Doors locked at 10:15am, so please arrive early. Evening conversation and dinner optional.        

Tickets: Please call 1-877-844-6667 to reserve your seat now.

Leadership Is Dead

Sponsor: Vision Force Academy


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