Seven Essential Parenting Skills Every Parent Must Have

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Taking 11 years clinical experience, Toni Schutta, M.A., L.P. has developed a 10-hour parenting class that provides parents of children ages 3-12 with seven essential parenting skills they need to use daily to be successful parents. The seven essential skills include: keeping attachment strong; using positive communication; consistently using positive discipline methods; creatively using defiance busters; managing a child's anger; reducing sibling hassles; and boosting self-esteem. Classes start on March 21 and March 23, 2006 and are done by teleconference.

Parenting is a huge, sometimes overwhelming job. But boiling the job down to 7 essential parenting skills every parent should use makes the job more manageable.

In the “7 Essential Parenting Skills for Effective Parenting” class starting March 21 and March 23 and available at, Toni Schutta, Parent Coach and Licensed Psychologist, has taken some of the mystery out of parenting by providing a template that parents with children ages 3-12 years of age can use every day and return to time and time again.

“There are common building blocks that every parent needs to be successful,” Schutta said. “There are also common problems that parents face on a daily basis and the class I developed will help give parents the skills they need, answers to problems they face every day and the confidence to use the skills.”

So what are the 7 essential skills that every parent needs?

1)Keeping Attachment Strong

“A lot of attention gets paid to building an ‘attachment’ to children when they are infants, but then the topic gets shelved. I contend that a parent must continue to build and nurture the relationship with a child at every stage of their development. Attachment must be the essential building block that other parenting skills flow from,” Schutta said.

2)Using Positive Communication

“The word choices that parents make every day have an incredible power to enhance or harm the relationship with a child. Parents must make a conscious choice to use positive communication that will build mutual respect, cooperation and self-esteem,” Schutta said.

3)Consistently Using Discipline Methods

“This is often where things fall apart. I provide parents with 10 positive discipline approaches they can have in their parenting tool kit. Then we develop an individualized plan for parents to use and provide the support for implementing it,” Schutta said.

4)Creatively Using Defiance Busters

“The number one complaint I hear from parents is ‘He won’t do something the first time I ask.’ A parent needs to have a plan on how to handle defiance, because it happens almost every day,” Schutta explains.

5)Managing a Child’s Anger

“It’s hard to get through a day without a child feeling some type of frustration. Yet, parents typically do such a poor job teaching children how to express anger in a healthy way. I provide parents with many useful tips for learning to prevent and manage a child’s anger,” Schutta said.

6)Reducing Sibling Hassles

“Unwittingly, there are numerous ways that parents contribute to sibling rivalry on a daily basis. A parent can reduce his or her stress level significantly by learning how to handle sibling relations better,” Schutta claims.

7)Boosting Self Esteem

“It’s imperative to a child’s success that they have strong self-esteem. A parent plays a key role in its development and must be conscious of choices s/he makes daily to influence a child’s self-esteem,” Schutta said.

The “7 Essential Parenting Skills for Effective Parenting” class consists of 10 one-hour classes done by teleconference to make it easy for parents to participate. Participants also receive a workbook, audio recordings, individual attention and support. A Tuesday class starts on March 21 at 7:00 p.m. CT and a Thursday class starts on March 23 at 12:00 CT. Full details are available at or by calling Schutta at 612-810-8687.

About Families First Coaching:

Toni Schutta, Parent Coach, M.A, Licensed Psychologist has 11 years experience helping families find solutions that work. Her company, Families First Coaching, is dedicated to building strong families by empowering parents with practical information, easy-to-use tools and helpful resources. The company website is at Details for the “7 Essential Parenting Skills for Effective Parenting class are available at


Toni Schutta, Parent Coach, M.A., L.P.

President, Families First Coaching



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