Online Confession Sites Getting Popular

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Americans and others seem to be telling more and more of their secrets now than ever before. Why is it? What makes people tell others their intermost secrets and confessions. The newest craze seems to be online confession sites.

When did all this start. Was it Phil Donahue back in the 1970s? Or maybe it was when Jerry Springer came around. Then came the reality TV shows. Does that have something to do with the popularity of the new confession sites that are sweeping the internet? Why do people feel a need to tell their secrets and confess their sins to the public? Perhaps it is a way to deal with problems in the same way as when people go to a psychiatrist.

Online confession sites are attracting many people because they either want to:

a. Tell a confession.

b. Read about a confession.

These sites have some extremely honest and frank posts by surfers. Tim Phelan, owner and creator of is amazed by what some people admit to. "We have some hilarious and also some very sad and moving confessions. Even the responses to the confessions can be very interesting."

That is part of the attraction of these sites for many. Not only can they read the confessions and be moved either in a humorous way or dramtic way, but the visitor can make a statement and actually converse with the confessing person. You can't do that with a reality tv show although many would like to. Imagine being able to tell a contestant on The Apprentice or Survival that they are idiots or that you feel bad for them.

Here are a few examples of some recent confessions on these websites.

1. "I accidently drowned my pet baby ducks when I was 5 (i'm 33 now). I put them in the horse trough, and didnt know they couldnt get out. We didnt have a pond and i thought they'd want a swim. i wandered off as 5 year olds do, and forgot all about them until my mom found them swimming anymore. who knew that they'd get tired and couldnt swim after a while? anyway, being an animal lover like i am, i've felt horrible about it all my life."

2. " I'm Insane. I talk to myself alot. I answer myself too. I also sob in the shower, everytime I shower. I guess it's because that's a private place..... "

Response.."i used to cry in the shower too..because i thought no one could hear"

3. "I Have boobs... and I'm a guy. I hate having boobs. Boobs are for girls man. Not sure what it is. I'm not fat.... I just have boobs."

Response.."At is OK. Some of us chicks like guys with boobs."

4. "I'm a lesbian - but, I am attracted to gay men. This doesn't make any sense. I guess its cause they act more like girls."

Response.."As far as your attractions not making sense, they don't really *have* to. I believe sexuality is a ever changing and fluid thing for all people. I'm a female to male transsexual who identifies as a gay man, if that wasn't confusing enough I'm in love with a woman."

Thes could easily be the topics for shows like Jerry Springer, Maury Povich or even Oprah. But being online makes the confession easier. No one knows you or can see you. No audience booing or calling you names.

"Whatever the reason is, all I know is these sites are getting hot. I find myself reading them and being drawn into these peoples lives." say Phelan.


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