New Secret Weapon for Engagement Ring Shoppers

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Men looking for advice on how to select the perfect diamond engagement ring have typically had few options – until now. announces a new tool that takes the guesswork out of choosing an engagement ring: its Ring Profiling Questionnaire. What is the most surefire way for a guy to select the style of setting and shape of diamond that will appeal the most to his fiancée-to-be? The Ring Profiling Questionnaire offers a solution that is both scientific and customized: personality profiling similar to the leading Internet dating sites.

Alison Wade, veteran of the jewelry business and co-founder of PerfectRing4Her, explains: “Men about to propose to their fiancée-to-be have long been stuck between a rock and a hard place. Getting down on bended knee and proposing with a ring in hand is portrayed as every guy’s shining moment, romantically speaking. The truth is, he’s generally expected to come up with an engagement ring that the woman of his dreams will love and wear for the rest of his life – all on his own!”

“The tough part is, most men don’t know much about jewelry; they need a little guidance. But the more he seeks advice from, say, her friends and family – or even her – the less likely it will be a surprise. That’s a shame, because the surprise factor, more than anything else, is what makes proposal so romantic.

“And if he tries to get advice from a jewelry retailer, he’s going to be steered toward the most expensive ring in the store. Jewelry salespeople are paid by commission, after all. Besides, that person behind the counter doesn’t know the first thing about his unique girl – her personality, tastes, etc.”

Independent research has long shown that certain types of women are consistently attracted to certain shapes of diamonds. In her 16 years of experience, Ms. Wade had already fine-tuned this knowledge into a personalized approach to helping men find the perfect engagement ring. “It was just a matter of asking him a series of questions about his fiancée-to-be: her likes and dislikes, her defining qualities, etc. Based on his answers, we could predict, with remarkable accuracy, which ring style she would love the most. In fact, in follow-up interviews 92% of the girls liked the ring we profiled as much as, if not better than, the one she was going to pick for herself!”

With the help of a team of software designers and other consultants, Ms. Wade developed a questionnaire-based personality profiling system similar to those of the top-rated Internet dating sites. Users can take the PerfectRing4Her Profiling Questionnaire online in a matter of minutes, but one should not be fooled by its simplicity. Hidden behind the straightforward questions lurks a subtle but powerful psychology.

Upon completing the Questionnaire, users can also view their resulting Custom Ring Profile online – instantly. The Profile generates a detailed image and explanation of the recommended ring. It also provides a fresh look at the 4 C’s of diamond quality, offering balanced advice not found anywhere else. The information is streamlined but complete.

The addition of the Ring Profiling Questionnaire and Custom Ring Profile makes much more than just a diamond information or diamond help site. “No one else is doing what we’re doing,” says Ms. Wade. “We actually guarantee we can help any guy find the one ring his fiancée-to-be will love more than any other.” Considering that the alternatives until now have been hitting up the in-laws for advice or becoming the next victim of a slick jewelry salesman, this is definitely good news for future grooms everywhere.

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