People Too Busy for Church? Where There's a Phone, There's Religion

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People in 2006 are too busy to spend all the time required to worship. They may go to church but they probably resent all the excess time needed. Teleseminars provide a way to succinctly gain your minister's word and still save time.

Living in a busy world forces people to pick and choose their activities. What are the odds they’ll include religion in that list? Ministers should be looking at using teleseminars to reach a greater audience, recognizing that things have changed and they are willing to change with them. Using the “old’ technology of the telephone, a minister can bring their congregation back the basics of spirituality in a rushed world. Teleseminars also promote study and discussion groups as well as fellowship. Take your lead from Dr. Anne Kunath and Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher who are conducting weekly New Thought Teleseminars in San Antonio, Tx.

Teleseminars provide an expedient way to let a congregation “multi-task” and still hear a minister’s lessons. If the minister has a phone and the congregation has phones, everything is set. The message can be delivered and received in the comforts of one’s home.

The minister can hold the same weekly Teleseminar at different times during the week so that everyone can “attend”. There can be replay lines or replay audio on the church website.

If a minister should put the Sunday lesson on the web so that people who are short on time, out of the area, incapacitated and can't drive can “have their Sunday service” right their home. This can be accomplished simply by recording the lesson and having the webmaster load it onto the website.

The New Thought religion has started having routine weekly teleseminars and this serves a diverse group of people -- ministers who don’t have a church, ministerial students, and those who don’t have a place to worship, (many towns do not have New Thought churches). These folks can simply sign up for New Thought Teleseminars, listen themselves or even invite interested people over to the house so everyone can listen on a speaker phone. What a great lead in to a discussion or study group.

Dr. Anne Kunath and Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher (Getting Unstuck, LLC) are conducting weekly New Thought Teleseminar. The audience for this San Antonio based company has spread as far as Canada at this point. There have been two separate study groups formed around Dr. Kunath’s Teleseminar.

If you can spare an hour, you can listen to the message on the phone or later on the computer. “Finding it” has never been easier if ministers get on the ball. See how Dr. Kunath has implemented this at and .

About Dr.Anne Kunath

Dr. Anne Kunath founded The Church of Today in San Antonio, TX 31 years ago and has been its minister ever since. She serves on the Executive Board of the International New Thought Alliance (INTA) and is their 2006 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. She travels all over the country lecturing on every aspect of New Thought. She has authored several books and is the President of the United Divine Science Ministerial School in San Antonio, TX.


Dr. Terrie Wurzbacher

Getting Unstuck, LLC


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