Eight Health And Safety Travel Tips From The Doctors At MedToGo For Spring Break 2006

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MedToGo LLC, a proven leader in providing health and safety travel guidance, identifies eight important tips for families and students traveling to Mexico and abroad this spring.

MedToGo LLC, a proven leader in providing health and safety travel guidance, identifies eight important tips for families and students traveling to Mexico and abroad this spring. “Our team at MedToGo has learned first hand that being informed is being prepared when your travel plans include Mexico and many of today’s popular destinations for spring”, states Curtis P. Page M.D, Vice President of Marketing and Development. “Our active bilingual medical practice and continuous travel to and from Mexico provides valuable insight that has allowed us to help thousands of patients and clients better prepare for their journeys”.

Here are eight tips, from the Doctors at MedToGo, to help you experience a safe and healthy journey this spring:

-Before traveling, scan your documents (e.g., passports, travelers identity, vaccination records, and any other important medical information) and send them to your email address. If you run into a problem you can have them printed out at a local internet café.

-Prevent traveler’s diarrhea by taking bismuth sulfate (e.g., Pepto Bismal tablets/liquid) or Xifaxan for patients 12 years of age or older and as appropriate. Antibiotics are not routinely recommended for prevention.

-If you will be taking medication with you, always travel with duplicate supplies in case of loss or damage. Keep one supply in your carry-on bag and another in your checked luggage. As a backup always carry written prescriptions of your medications, in a generic form, in case you need additional doses.

-Obtain a letter of authorization from your home-based physician if you will be traveling with certain medications such as narcotics or those that require injections with a needle and syringe (e.g., insulin).

-Strategies for preventing motion sickness include: eating a light snack but avoiding heavy meals; eliminating carbonated beverages, alcohol, tobacco, or spicy foods from your diet; riding in the front seat of an automobile; on a plane choosing a seat over the wing; on a ship, riding near the center of the boat and watching the horizon. Taking ginger or ginger root can help calm a queasy stomach.

-Be very cautious when using ATMs in general in Mexico and abroad. If you must use an ATM, it should be accessed only during the business day at large protected facilities.

-Exercise caution when traveling on all highways in Mexico and use toll “cuota” roads, rather than the less secure free “libre” highways, whenever possible.

-If traveling by car, remember your United States automobile policy will not apply in Mexico. Always purchase an equivalent, short-term plan before driving into Mexico. Make sure there is automatic coverage for Legal Aid and Travel Assistance.

To find additional health and safety tips for traveler’s of all ages please visit MedToGo LLC website at: http://www.medtogo.com

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MedToGo, with offices in Arizona and Mexico, is a proven leader in providing health and safety travel guidance that is built on thirty five years of medical experience. The company publishes popular information guides with life saving insight for travelers and expatriates that include a selective directory of over 50 of the best hospitals and approximately 200 board-certified English-speaking physicians in over 40 of Mexico’s most popular destinations. They have also been recognized by the Mexican National Tourism Fund, The Honorable United States Senator John McCain, and featured in several leading newspapers and publications including the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Conde Nast Traveler. In addition to authoring the important guides, the MedToGo principals remain professionally committed to their heritage and successful bilingual medical practice in Arizona which treated over 27,000 patients in 2005.

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