New Panel Curbs Web Babel at Cre8asite Forums

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Cre8asite Forums announces the launch of a new Forum entitled the Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel, known in short as CDAP. This Panel can provide a Quality Assurance process for web designers.

In biblical times, the builders of the Tower of Babel were challenged because people were communicating in different tongues. On the Internet, people do of course speak in different languages. However problems may intensify as technology adds additional barriers to communication. These barriers are created by new software and by new hardware.

More and more people are becoming aware of the barriers created by software. Almost everyone used to use Microsoft's Internet Explorer as they surfed the World Wide Web. So it was absolutely essential that a website display well in Internet Explorer. Now for a variety of reasons different people are using different web browsers. One of the most popular is Mozilla Firefox. Depending on the audience, perhaps anywhere between 10% and 35% of the audience may be using a browser other than Internet Explorer. The reason why this is important is that some websites that look fine in Internet Explorer may be more or less acceptable when viewed in another browser. Indeed some websites may be completely non-viewable in another browser. This is one barrier that may block communication.

As if that wasn't enough, increasing choices in the available hardware is also creating additional barriers. Many continue to use desktop PCs. However others use laptops, some have migrated to notebooks, and the leading-edge people are even using their cell phones to explore the Web. This changing scene means that some people may not be able to see what is being beamed out on the Internet.

Once you are aware this happens, you find yourself being more sensitized to others who may have problems. Some people have always had a problem viewing websites. Some have problems of visual acuity while others are color-blind. Ensuring such members of the audience have a satisfactory experience in viewing the website is covered by the subject of Accessibility. In both the UK and the US, government web sites must be accessible to people with disabilities. Such considerations are clearly important for all website owners to keep in mind.

So the communication problem is becoming increasingly complex. How can the poor website owner determine whether other people have a problem seeing the website in their device and using their preferred browser? This is where a community of website experts has decided they could help.

Cre8asite Forums unites experts around the world in a common purpose - Building Better Websites Together. This group of volunteers shares their knowledge and expertise for mutual benefit. For some years, they have operated a Website Hospital. Here web designers who are having a problem in making a website perform correctly, can receive advice on how to correct website operating problems. The Website Hospital is intended to heal websites that in some respects may not be as healthy as they should be.

Given the increasing complexity of the Internet with diverse browsers and devices, Cre8asite realised that another type of help was needed. After designing a website that works in your default browser in your usual device, how can you confirm that most other people can also see it? The solution is very practical. This is exactly the role that the diverse members of a community can fulfill.

Cre8asite Forums is proud to announce the launch of a new Forum entitled the Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel, know in short as CDAP. This Panel can provide a Quality Assurance process for web designers. Cre8asite Forums warmly welcome any web designer who wishes to check out how robust their website is in different browsers and devices. Equally any volunteers with unusual combinations of browser and device will be most welcome to extend the ability of the Panel.

Those who visit the Panel will find a considerable body of knowledge already. This is a topic, which has shown a growing momentum over recent years. The most surprising topic includes some very noteworthy examples that have continued for months to be 'broken' in browsers other than Internet Explorer. Other topics covered are Browser Standards, Devices, Accessibility and Other Assessment Tools.

If Cross-browser / Device compatibility is a topic that you need to know more about, then come visit the Cross-browser Device Assessment Panel, known to its friends as CDAP. You may be surprised to see how complex the Internet world is becoming.


Kim Krause Berg

William Slawski

Barry Welford

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